-RETIRED- FS Maratac CR123 Copper Rev2

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-RETIRED- FS Maratac CR123 Copper Rev2

For Sell Maratac Copper CR123 Rev2; I bought it and opened the sealed package in october-2015, never carried, very good condition except elapsed time. I’m in UE (Spain). Price, ordinary registered shipping: 60 € (UE), 63 € (USA).

Thanks for viewing

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Whoa, a 4.5year old FS thread revival?

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What does “RETIRED” mean?

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jaybeen_there wrote:
What does “RETIRED” mean?

I believe the meaning intended would be “removed”.
In our languages “retired” the word shape is close to “retirado” (withdrawn), although the meaning is different, of course.
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I guess this is still for sale. Quite a rare light.

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I just looked it up, beautiful light. $63??

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Yes, thanks MascaratumB, the precise word is “removed”. Sorry for the confusion caused by editing post # 1.
The truth is that I want to reactivate the sale of this and other flashlights but I will open another thread, if it is not contrary to the rules. The reason is that after my edit of post # 1, this thread is already “contaminated” by several comments, including my edit of # 1 and this same post. Except for the best judgment of the moderators.

Anyway, if someone is interested in Maratac, send me a PM.

I apologize for the confusion.

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Ok so you dug up a 4.5 year old thread to just say that stupid crap?

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Do you know brand new Maratac Copper CR123 Rev3 from Countycomm is €62 now?

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