BudgetLightForum 348 Nichia Penlight [Video Review]

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BudgetLightForum 348 Nichia Penlight [Video Review]

Hey there guys,
In this thread I want to share my experience about the BudgetLightForum 348 Nichia Flashlight in a written and a video review format. I believe, that this flashlight is serious bang for the buck when someone considers buying a color-accurate flashlight.
Tiny sized Nichia LED flashlights are not too common on the market, but they great usage on various area of the life, including medical application, mechanics, quality controlling, electrical engineers.


After 2 weeks of day-to-day usage, I collected these pros:

  • Very well machined stainless steel body
  • Thin, comfortable size for an AAA flashlight, perfect lenght (89x12 mm)
  • One single mode: ON/OFF, does not require a learning curve for non-flashaholics
  • Nichia 219BT-V1 LED, over 90% color accuracy
  • Huge beam-spread, the reflector is just "forwarding" it, instead of focusing it to a spot. So far the best beam profile for up-close work, out of my dozens of flashlights.
  • The pocket clip can be removed, and loose enough to clip to the pocket with 1 hand
  • Uses common AAA battery, and supports 10440 battery as well
  • Tailstanding ability (not the best balance although)


The cons are the following:

  • Really uncomfortable operation: every time we press the tailcap, it will dig into the flesh of our finger
  • 2 hours of runtime is not too much, especially for roughly 35 Lumens
  • Using 10440 battery will result huge heat generation, on the long term this will damage the circuitry
  • The machining on the thread is not that great, as opposed to body


Watch my video review for the details:

Cheers Smile

Youtube Flashlight Reviewer (EDC Gadgets)

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Thanks for the review xyadam.


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