【Prince Strength Test】The Prince still alive but being badly hurted …

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【Prince Strength Test】The Prince still alive but being badly hurted …

We do some strength test on prince to see how it survival as a tool~ So prince is not just a
Luxury gift light but also a tough tool ?

After the 1.5/3 Meters Drop Test and Impact Test, the prince seems be already out of shape expecially on the head and tail part

Then, we still use the injured prince to do the Rolling over test By Car… Badly hurted on his face Sad

Here is the video of process for the test:

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Hasn't Prince suffered enough?  :cry:

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Thats a nice looking flashlight, beat the shlt out of an Ultrafire instead...undecided

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raccoon city wrote:

Hasn’t Prince suffered enough?  alt=:" />

stop beating dead prince? LOL

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There are workers and there are leaders. The Prince might want to get in the middle of things and show his workers he’s willing to get his hands dirty, but seldom is a leader a good worker and seldom is a worker a good leader. It’s just the way of things.

Make it in Titanium instead of soft metals, gold anodize it, and you will have your working leader. Wink