Review: BLF Edition AAA - World's thinest CREE XP-G R3 1xAAA - From CNQ

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 same clip i use on black cats tank703's  and lots of little lights like that .. usually I have to split the ring and gently spread it to go around most lights .. this one just took 5 minutes of filing on the inside of the ring as it was already ..Oh so close ..the clip is almost half the size of the light it's self .

it's a pretty standard size clip from a pen  ... so just look around might already have one .

  If anyone wants a clip PM me .

And no i won't ship a pen clip internationally ..take your light to the ballpoint pen store they'll have one Silly

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Anyone have the runtime on this? Alkalines, Lithiums and NIMHs?


Yup. I'm a runtime guy..

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I broke down and ordered one of these this morning in NW.

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I would be tempted if it just had a low.  For an EDC, I can't imagine this high has much of a runtime.

That said, I know the rule is always carry a backup...for the backup.

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Anybody else measured the tailcap current?  I am getting about 0.5A on a charged NiMh.  It is similar on lithium or alkaline.  Mine is NW tint.