P.G.C. Glass and Plastic protective coating

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P.G.C. Glass and Plastic protective coating

I found a few cans of this PGC Glass and Plastic Protective Coating at work. Seems they order it once in a while...


I was curious and now I am a convert to this stuff, the only problem is finding it outside of a industrial supply place in less than a case sized order. One can would last quite a while for the average flashaholic.


It does cut down on the fingerprints and smudges, even works on plastic for triples... (all work lights by the way)


I sprayed my work laptop screen, and even less dust than normal after a couple of weeks... I use it on HMI's (touchscreens for the machines Human-Machine Interface) to keep the screens cleaner now too....


I hate snake oil, so I did doubt this when I found it... Well nuts, now I need to find it anywhere else I can, or see if work will let me buy a can now and then.


Just figured I would share the knowledge. I will continue to search local janitorial companies and the like to see where I can get it locally.

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Interesting stuff. Could work great for swim goggles and sunglasses for riding.

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