Review Nitecore EC20

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Review Nitecore EC20

First a thanks to TomTop for furnishing this light for review.

This is my first Nitecore product and I must say it seems to live up to the standards of quality , fit and finish I have always heard of the brand. The machining is very well done as is the knurling and Anodizing , also the threads are very well cut and smooth.
With that being said the one thing that I don’t like , is everything is glued tight on this light , which I have also heard Nitecore seems to like to do. (Only negative I have of this light)

I think I covered everything else in the video other than , I don’t think I mentioned that this light has mode memory that is pretty much instant. By that I mean you don’t have to wait for 1 , 2, 3 seconds for the mode to go into memory , you just turn the light off when you get to the mode you want and it will come right back in that mode with no waiting.

Also wanted to mention TomTop site list the emitter as XM-L2 U2 and the booklet that came with the light list it as XM-L2 T6.
Link to light $39.00 at the time of this review.

Also TomTop Has a promotion sale going on now 6/1/16 through 6/20/16 with an extra 15% off . Link to that thread / sale HERE in commercial sellers spot.(user negotiated deals)

Video and TomTop site specs listed below that.
As always video is best seen in full screen.

Listed Specs / Features………

Features: Using XM-L2 U2 emitter, brightness can reach 960LM. 7-mode of lighting effect: 960LM, 210LM, 50LM, 1LM, Strobe, Location, SOS Waterproof level up to IPX-8, max up to 2m submerged. With power reminding functions to help you check the battery situations. Made from aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable enough for long time daily use. Comes with two spare O-rings for backup. With a wrist strap and a mini storage bag(can mount on your bag or other devices), convenient for daily use.

Specifications: Light Color: White Lumen: 960LM Material: Aluminum Alloy Emitter: XM-L2 U2 Lighting Modes: 7 modes Power Source: 2 * CR123 or 1 * 18650(not included) Item Size: 13 * 2.5 * 2.5cm / 5.1 * 1.0 * 1.0in Item Weight: 77g / 2.7oz Package Size: 21.2 * 10 * 3.2cm / 8.5 * 3.9 * 1.3in Package Weight: 129g / 4.5oz

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