Review: Eagle Eye X5, The Alternative for PD35, P12, etc

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Review: Eagle Eye X5, The Alternative for PD35, P12, etc

Last year Eagle Eye retired their F35. It was a long time before its replacement arrived but it finally did and it is named the X5. This EE X5 I have is from Gearbest.

Everybody knows that I am a fan of tube lights. I use them nightly at work and they are easy to hold and easy to pocket. My first was the Fenix PD35 thanks to BLF and it still is one of my favorite stock lights. The EE X5 is a direct competitor to the Fenix PD35, Nitecore P12, and others of the like. It is available in two tints with pricing ranging from $20 usd to $21.50 usd, and worth every penny. There is even an X5R that is rechargeable via micro usb. That is available in three tints with XPL and XPL-Hi emitters and ranges from $22 to $30.



The Eagle Eye X5 is a working man's budget light that is capable.


Specs of this X5:

  • XM-L2 (U2 ) Emitter (3C)
  • 1x18650 or 2xCR123
  • 5 modes plus strobe and beacon
  • Forward Clicky
  • Metal Side Switch for modes
  • SMO reflector
  • Protective bezel
  • No glue


Quality becomes evident immediately right out out of the box. Many lights have HAII or HAIII anodizing and then you get HAEE anodizing. Eagle Eye has some of the toughest ano on the market that even surpasses many high end lights. Somewhere on BLF there is a video of FrankenDale (DB Custom) throwing an EE X6-SE out the window at 65 mph just to test and prove the strength the ano.

Disassembly is incredibly easy for those that want to install their favorite emitter. I did not disassemble the driver because of the side switch but that can be seen in this great review by Jescereal .





  (Sorry..could not get the center pic to rotate properly)

Anyway....this is all there is to it. Simple simple simple.


I have no way to measure output other than a comparison. I tried outdoor shots but the lowest level would not show up on my phone but I did include levels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The fence is about 37 feet away...

Mode 2                                                                            Mode 3



Mode 4                                                                             Mode 5



Indoor shots will have to be retaken and posted in the next couple days


The lowest level is fine for me as I use my lights for work but knowing what other people expect of a low it should be much lower. Spacing could be a little wider but good just the same.


For the cost of a Convoy, 30+% of a Fenix, and 40% of Nitecore this light is a hell of a buy.




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Thanks for the review bugsy.


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another awesome review bugster

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The X5 and the X5R have a different button design, right? I think i will go for the X5R but my favourite would be the X6R but couldnt find it. Nice review, i think those X5 and X6 lights from eagle eye offer the best for your money. Coated glas and seperate mode button is kind of rare in that price range. The convoys are also really good but they dont offer those features.