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First impressions:
Shipped from: NexTorch for review purpose

These two lanterns/flashlights are clearly products for specific areas and it’s clear… there isn’t the classic appearance of a flashlight used to light a specific area thanks to a hotspot, but these nextorch product are needed then you need to use a FLOOD light (UL360) or there’s the necessity to be visible at night by other people (Glo-Toob).

I had the possibility to review other products from Nextorch and till now i’ve understood that this company really takes commitment with the design of their products, and these 2 products are the perfect example of my thinking, simple products, nothing special but so simple and well constructed that’s hard to find similar products….

—- UL360 —-
Battery:1*AA battery
Distance:16.4’/5m (beam diameter)
Weight:1.41oz/40g(without battery)

Modes and estimated lumens:
—- UL360 —-
Switch type: TWIST
There are “ 2 ” modes in the following order:
high – low

—- Glo-Toob AAA —-
Switch type: TWIST
There are “ 3 ” modes in the following order:
high – low – strobo

Weight and dimensions measurements (made myself, not by specs):
—- UL360 —-
This flashlight weighs precisely 42,0 gr
Height 7,8 cm
Diameter 3,1 cm (on 2 lanyard hole diameter)
Head diameter 2,0 cm

—- Glo-Toob AAA —-
This flashlight weighs precisely 23,9 gr
Height 7,6 cm
Diameter 1,9 cm

Construction quality:
—- UL360 —-
The flashlight body is made of plastic but the quality seems to be rather good, while the tailcap is made of the classic aluminum material, and of course the rotable mechanism as you can se is made of stainless steel plus a magnetic base.
Threads are of plastic material but it’s not a problem, moreover they came lubed up.
70 lumens at max output is not a great number but the actual power fits nicely on most situations and will let you satisfied almost 80% of times you use it.

—- Glo-Toob AAA —-
Also here the prevailing material used is plastic, but it’s really thick and durable (with a opaque finish) and on the upper part you can find the “most useful part” of the flashlight….. the lanyard hole!! Silly
Host’s threads are made of aluminum, but the full tailcap is of plastic material….so ironically it is the opposite event of the UL360
I tested it underwater but of course i can’t say if the 60 meter limit can be reached or even surpassed, after all if the O-ring is in good state, the waterproofness of the entire flashlight is safe.

Lanyard hole: PRESENT (1 for UL360 and 2 for Glo-Toob)

Led Tint, reflector and lense:
—- UL360 —-
The led tint is pure white, tending to warm
Reflector: absent
Shell made of: PLASTIC

—- Glo-Toob AAA —-
The led tint is AMBER and the light can be seen from any angle

—- UL360 —-
- magnetic base is useful in many ways (car, emergency.. )
- smart design with rotable axis

- none, it’s for specific use

—- Glo-Toob AAA —-
- long runtime
- visible from 360 degrees
- waterproof 60 meters

- none, it’s for specific use

Final thoughts and why you should buy them:
The UL360 is a great flashlight for all round uses and the AA battery standard allow nice runtimes (3h20min at max output 70lm) and i personally use it as a bed time light, magnetically adherent to a bar of steel that’s over my bed place, and speaking about the GLO-TOOB i sometimes loan it to a friend who does not have a tail light on his BIKE…. But it’s also sufficiently usable to read a book during the night (on your bed…) if your eyes are fully adapted to the darkness, being even a fleeble light “enought” to look at something without any eye strain!!

Thanks for reading…..
….and if you notice some bad written phrases, feel free to correct me suggesting the right way to write it!! Smile

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Has Glo-Toob quit making their original lights that use 12v alkaline cells? I’ve used those for years, they’re solidly reliable.

I’m glad to see they’re now making an AA-size; if that will work with an Eneloop it’ll be an ideal emergency light.

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Wauw, blown away by your pics!
Thanks for the review(s)!