How to speed up DX customer service

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How to speed up DX customer service

3 weeks ago I bought some switches from DX. They were in stock when I made my order.

This changed soon after I made the payment to: Temporary out of stock - Contact us if

nessesary. I waited a week - no change. Then I got the items from an other place and I contacted

DX customer service where I requsted a refund. Site stated I would receive an answer within 24 hours. 


A week went by without hearing anything from them. To day I made a PayPal dispute and surprice:

Within 10 seconds(!!!) I got a mail from DX with a refund. I went straigt to My Account on their site

and the word Processing which had stood there for a week had changed to Processing paused due

to PayPal dispute. But the refund has been made.


I wonder if the whole thing is automated. They dont do anything until the customer reacts through



In the future when having to wait for an answer from DX I´ll start a PayPal dispute at once, as this have

proved in helping to get their fingers of the ... and do what a serious customer service should do in the

first place.


I recommend all you guys to do the same. Some people understand hard action better than sweet talk.

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That's good to know.  I recieved a defective flashlight from dx last March and even though they eventually made things right with me, it took well over a month to do it.  Thanks for the info Nautic. Smile

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