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I have this for sale on CPF Marketplace already at http://www.cpfmarketplace.com/mp/showthread.php?256656-FS-Dereelight-DBS-V3-XML-with-2-IMR-18350-and-XRE-pill


I'm wanting to sell it to fund buying some budget lights.  It is a v3 Dereeligh DBS with XM-L pill, and an additional XR-E pill.  It has the box and orings/GITD boot cover, 18650 extender, and 2 IMR 18650 batteries to drive the XM-L hard in shorty form. 

Any of you guys who have a lot of good budget lights and would like to trade some of your unwanted stuff for a really nice name brand light shoot me a PM!  Not just lights I also am trying to fund getting some batteries maybe charger too.  Maybe you guys wouldn't even want a real DBS when there's lots of thrower clones but I thought I'd throw the offer out there.  One man's trash is another's treasure.  Just give me a PM if you feel like it, you won't offend me with your offer. 

Thanks guys!

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