Nitecore F1 stops charging at 4.08v! Defective?

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I am returning mine to the Amazon seller, without even getting into the voltage issues, I have trouble getting the USB output to charge my devices. They will charge for a second but then stop. I had high hopes for this charger, super disappointed. Nitecore as whole possibly needs better quality control, my TM16gt mode selector button still works but has shifted internally and no longer “clicks”. I haven’t dropped it or struck it against anything.

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I got one and it goes up to 4.18V. 4.08 definitely is a defect of the charger. However, if you’re using it just as a power bank it doesn’t really matter. The Li-Ion batteries are being charged according to CC/CV. When it goes up to 4.10 the CV starts taking place and the current drastically drops down increasing the charging time. I’d not care even if it doesn’t go up from 4V. I use the charger for high drain current batteries for vaping mech mods. That’s where the 4.08 is really a damn deal. You need the higher wattage in vaping to make outstanding clouds according to W=V^2/R formula. With vaping the battery at its nominal 3.7V is usually thrown into a charger.

About this tricky >= 500mA. If you download this single page manual from their official site you’ll see the tempo of blinking lights. There’re 2 variants: you got slow = 500mA and fast (2Hz) = 1000mA. Depending on the wall plug AND the cable itself I was able to run the 1A here. It’s kinda wack, but my Apple wall plug runs less current than my laptop USB port.