Has anyone seen the Helotex VG1

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Has anyone seen the Helotex VG1
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Interesting…looks very similar to Hugsby V1.

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It appears to be the exact same host except for a knurled tailcap ring.

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I have one from Amazon.

Pretty well built.

  • Matte anodizing is nicer than a Sipik 68.
  • Emitter appears to be a CREE XPE2. I don’t think it’s a Latticebright, but am not sure how to tell the difference when it comes to an XPE2 (the image of the DIE projected by the light in spot mode shows the characteristic XPE2 rows of dots).
  • Width: Head is about the same width as a Sipik 68.
  • Length: Slightly longer than a Sipik 68.
  • Modes: 3 mode: hi-low-strobe.
  • Hand-feel: Better than a Sipik 68 due to the extra knurling and lack of clip mount ring at the back. VG1’s clip is far too stiff to be useful without loosening (a lot like Sipik 68). With clip removed, hand-feel is improved.
  • Beam width in flood mode: adequate, but nothing special. About the same width as an XPE Sipik 68…. so much narrower than it could have been.
  • Pill came loose from the factory and there are no holes to insert a needle nose pliers to tighten it. There’s a possibility the head and pill could unscrew and fall off the light over time. To fix this, use a pin-vise drill or file to add some holes or notches at the top edges of the pill. Then insert needle nosed pliers in those holes or notches and tighten.

Overall, it’s a decent, but unexceptional, zoom light. Unmodded it’s superior to a Sipik 68 or Cree #3. Modded, I’d stick with the Cree #3 as they are half the size.