Solarstorm X3 battery pack replacement

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Solarstorm X3 battery pack replacement


Bought a SS X3 during the 11.11 sales with a 4 cell battery pack from some random AliExpress seller. Had planned to get a better pack given the dodgy stuff I’d read (fake cells etc) but never got round to it. Today was in a rush and forgot to connect the battery to the light, wire got caught in my chain and pulled out the socket. Noticed it but was in too much of a rush to look for it, doubt would have been useful anyway since it looked moulded.

Anyway so I’m looking for a replacement battery pack. Live in NZ which means anything local tends to be expensive and often not very good. I don’t mind a bit of DIY if necessary but would prefer something waterproof (including the screw on connector) which may be difficult to do by myself at least for the pack. (My pack wasn’t water proof so I carefully folded it into a plastic bag but I’d prefer something more reliable.) I don’t really care if it’s 18650 or lithium polymer. Fortunately cycling at night isn’t that important and I do have some not very bright alternative lights so I’m not in a real rush (I may have a same sized non screwin socket somewhere anyway).

What would people recommend? It seems using those Zippy etc from HobbyKing are common. I guess people replace the plugs or use adapters (where do people get the sockets?). And are most of the hardcase ones sufficiently waterproof or should I look out for something in particular? Any other recommendations on store or batteries which will ship to NZ? Thinking of at least 5000 mAh and know I need a 2S.

Also for a charger, since I’m not sure my “charger” is anything other than a 8.4V power supply and I’ve been out of the lithium world for a while.


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What about something like this :

You would still need four batteries and maybe a charger, I believe you can charge the batteries in the box, but I would prefer a separate charger.

It on flash sale at GearBest :