Need more light on my desk.

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Need more light on my desk.

The desk here in the bedroom lacks a reading light. When i need to read a book the room light doesn’t deliver nor does the monitor throw enough light. I tried hanging a flashlight but that’s useless. Too concentrated not enough spread of light.

I don’t want anything fancy just a good light to read with when in front of the PC. Clip on or stand is OK.


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Solarforce wide angle lens:

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Lumintop tool, or
Jetbeam mu, clipped to a ball cap.

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I have one of these that was a desk lamp . the base is missing and it runs on a wall wart and an inline rocker switch ..I also use a fenix tk diffuser over the head of it and snake it into a lampshade next to my office chair .overall about 80 lumens and double diffused makes a nice mood light with enough to watch tv/get around the room etc . without the diffusion i’m sure it was made for a reading light .This seller has them with a clip a stand or just usb .

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