A guy walks into a jewelry store with this terribly hot blonde. He says to the jeweler, I want to see your finest piece. The jewler brings out this $3,000 bracelet. The guy says, "I don't think you understand, I want to see your finest piece of jewelry." The jewler says okay, and brings back this beautiful $8,000 necklace. The man irritated at this point, repeats his request. "I want to see your FINEST piece of jewelry you have in this whole damn place." The jewler goes back to the safe, brings out this exquisite $30,000 diamond ring.

The man writes to jewler a check and says, "Now, I know what your are going to think, that the check is bad. That's why I'm going to leave the check, and the ring with you. Come monday morning when the check clears, I'll be in to get the ring." The jewler is ecstatic and says absolutely and thanks the man for his business.

Come monday, the jewler calls the man and says furiously, "What the hell, the check didn't clear, The bank said you don't have any money at all in your account !" The man replies, " That's true , but I had a hell of a weekend!"


2 blondes either side of a river...one calls out to the other hello there how do i get to the otherside?

The other blonde replys...your on the other side