---Photos Returned 08/18/2017---Review of the Thorfire PF04 flashlight.

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---Photos Returned 08/18/2017---Review of the Thorfire PF04 flashlight.

The flashlight does not give the impression that it is a toy or poorly made. The anodized finish looks good. It is shinny but not gaudy looking. Its appearance is suited for a business person, workman, or just an average person. You will not look like a fool   holding the flashlight and using it.  That is unless you do something inappropriate with it.  The driver does not use PWM for dimming. It has three output modes with mode memory. I dropped the flashlight on to a hard oak floor from 2 ½ feet with no damage.

 I tested high mode using fresh eneloop batteries. The output lasted almost six hours. After the first 10 minutes the flashlight dimmed a bit. After that is was a steady dimming till the light went out. Another day I used the flashlight about ½ hour in various modes. Then I decided to test the longevity of the flashlights medium mode. I did not use freshly charged batteries.  The flashlight stayed in regulation for slightly over 7 hours. Yes, that is not a typo. Eneloops were used.  Moon mode is very dim. If your eyes are dark adapted moon mode works fine.

The emitter is well centered and does not have any green, blue or purplish hue.  Some of my beam shots were taken on a purple wall. The bean color in real life is a nice neutral color. Now let’s talk switches. Everyone has a preference and opinion as to what is best. The PF04 has a reverse clicky proud type switch. It works well.  The only thing I wish the flashlight had is a lanyard and a way to attach said lanyard. I do not use flashlight clips so it would be unfair for me to rate the clip.  

I received the flashlight for free in exchange for doing a product review of the light. I have seen the retail price at around $20.00 dollars.   I think this is a fair price. The strong attributes of the flashlight are very long running and useful moon and medium modes. The flashlight can withstand a hard drop to the floor and keep working. The high mode stays super bright for 10-12 minutes then slowly loses brightness over time. That’s good for just AAA size batteries.


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