Review Thorfire pf04

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Review Thorfire pf04

I was curious to see how this light compared to the PF02 I bought a few months back.

Overall I am impressed. It feels solid and well built. I am happy to see the switch operation is a little different than before. A half button press after the light is on now changes modes. On my older PF02 my instinct was to turn it on and then try to change modes, but on that light you toggle the mode with a half press before turning it on. I never liked that mode, this is much better. I would say I like the old button press better. The new button is stiffer and quite a bit of travel to get to a click. It isn’t bad enough to complain about, but not as nice as the PF02

This light has three modes. I feel like they are a good spread. I like moonlight in a flashlight. It is great for camping or near the bed at home. Enough light to find what you are looking for, but not so much you have to squint your eyes. I also like having a moonlight option to use when I don’t have more batteries with me. I can use it without worrying about a dead battery since it will run forever on moonlight. The bright is really too bright for most of the time, but medium is perfect for most of my uses. On high it got warm, but not burning hot. It does only run on high for a few minutes before switching back to medium, but like I said before high is really too bright for most things. It is only a aaa flashlight so a couple minutes at that intensity seems reasonable. If you want that bright for sustained time there is a better flashlight out there for you. I like the beam. It is a nice even spread without an over bright hotspot in the middle.

The body texture is quite a bit different, I can’t say one is better or worse than the other. Both offer enough to keep it from slipping out of your hand. I don’t use the clip so can’t say much about that. Appears that it should work fine though.

Overall a good solid flashlight

Thorfire provided this flashlight to me at a good discount in exchange for an honest review.

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