Review: ThorFire PF04

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Review: ThorFire PF04

I also requested to review this little AAA flashlight. After going to the link provided by Thorfire I paid my ~$5 shipping fee and got notice within a few days that it was shipped. A week or two later I received the flashlight. With all the other wonderful reviews done on this flashlight I almost skipped doing it. But I was asked to in lieu of receiving the flashlight so here is my review. Thank you Thorfire for the free flashlight, like I really need it…lol! Smile

Very nice and well thought out was what I was thinking. The first thing they present you with is a way to get in touch with them right away if you have any problems. Good idea! Everything was very secure inside the little box. The flashlight itself even had it’s own little bubble wrap sleave. Pretty cool also I would say. Smile

The manual:
No Chinglish here, very understandable and competent. After reading I was able to easily understand the flashlight and how it operated. Full specifications are given in the manual also for the flashlight. A nice touch. Instructions for maintaining the flashlight. Very thoughtful! All together an excellent manual! Hooray!! I did find more than one typo in the manual. Where it says “tab” I think they mean “tap”, and “af” in the warranty section probably means “of”. Hey, who’s perfect? The Miller!! lol! Just kidding… Wink

Very well described. Direct replacement in 40 days and 2 years free repairs. After that you pay only for parts. That works for me. Smile

The Flashlight itself:
First impressions of the flashlight for me were disappointment unfortunately. The weight of the flashlight for me is that it is too lightweight. I have a Fenix LD22 that was my edc for years. It has some weight to it, it feels like something in your hand. That’s just me though, it has nothing to do with the quality of this light. Someone may praise it for that, everyone is different. After that, I really like it, this is a winner. I love the big button on the bottom to turn it on and off. Switch operates very smoothly, that I did not expect. It has a moonlight mode to kill for! Probably the best moonlight mode I have ever seen. Homerun!! The exterior of the flashlight is very very nice, I like it. Seems well designed, no sharp edges, o-ring seals up nicely. It was lubed properly. Has a glass lens folks!! Super nice touch there! Looks like the bottom does not unscrew, only the top. No problem there. Smile

Light output:
Very impressive for such a small light, I blinded myself on accident for about 5 minutes while playing with the modes. Tints? I don’t get into all that, I just want bright white. And this one seems to deliver. Did I mention that it has the best moonlight mode ever? I really like the deep reflector, it throws out a very nice beam of light. Very very usable in my opinion. Smile

Drop test:
Yea that’s right I’m doing a simulated heavy use test. I threw it up in the air to about ten feet and it landed hard on the concrete. It was still on high. I did it again and it still was on high, I did it again and it shut off. I picked it up and tightened down the head and it was working again. No, were not done yet. I did it two more times and it went off for good. It would not turn back on. I took the batteries out and put them back in and it still didn’t work…… So what did I do? You guessed it, I threw it back up into the air and when it hit the concrete this time it came back on….lol! Fearing I was going to destroy it for good, I chose to come in and write this review instead of finding out what would happen if I tossed it into the air again for the tenth time. I looked at the damage to the exterior of the flashlight after I was throwing it around and I have to say this little guy is well made! 5 more points!! Just some very tiny little dots from where it met the concrete. It did land on its head once and the glass did not break!! Evil

Final thoughts:
Over all I would give this flashlight a 10 out of 10.
I think I’m getting use to its light weight, maybe its a good thing after all. Star Star Star Star Star

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Nice review jhalb Smile

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I tried to unscrew the tail cap when I got it and the head came off so I put cells in that way. I did see OL’s YouTube review and his tailcap unscrewed so maybe mine was just tight? In any case, I wrapped a few turns of white electrical tape around the tail cap end so I can bite it and hold it in my mouth as a hands free light. The tape I used was thinner than normal about 1/2” and it works fine. I do this to my penlights so I can bite them without hurting my teeth.

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Interesting torture test; I didn’t think of that! Good review!

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Thanks for the review!

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Speedsix, I just used a piece of rubber to get a better hold on the tailcap and all I could unscrew was the extreme end cap and all it did was expose some threads and the switch. I see no other place that even appears to have a seam at the switch end.