FastTech stocks copper DTP XHP70/MK-R baseplates and they don't even know it…

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FastTech stocks copper DTP XHP70/MK-R baseplates and they don't even know it…

Well, my last order from FastTech arrived this 19th of august. Among the stuff I expected to find one of these nano-whatever baseplates; and I saw a copper board, but I just stuck it on a drawer because I did not had use for it at that moment and, anyway, I'd have to mill the central pad…

Well, just a moment ago I decided to take a more scrutinized look at it, as I was planning on writing a quick review of the nano-whatever board and report the mismatch. My multimeter just told me the central pad seems to be directly connected to the copper body, and indeed a window on the dielectric layer seems to be carved around it: a copper DTP baseplate, fellow mates. 

In theory this one is the SKU I've received, yet there's no mention about it being DTP and the photographs of the product are somehow different…

Well, this is all I have to say for now. 


Cheers Party

P.S.: MessTech…

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good deal.

This made me get the XM in 16mm and 20mm out to check. No beeps in my DMM. Was worth a shot though.

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This is surely (hopefully) stickied somewhere:


The clear conclusion is overall DTP matters more than aluminum vs copper **BUT** up to 3 Amps, copper without DTP still does just at good as DTP (ok maybe there's a 1% difference or something).  The only thing that doesn't work so great at 3A is Aluminum without DTP, at least going by those tests.

Of course this may depend on the particular copper board.