Lithium–air battery, they could make electric cars practical.

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Fossil fuels take hundreds of millions of years to develop, and yet the human population has used up nearly half of that in less than 300 years.

Our species has been in existence for about 150,000 years and it took until 1804 to reach One Billion people. Today the world’s population 2016 is 7.4 Billion.

The last major extinction happened 65 million years ago wiping the Dinosaurs, and giving mammals, like ourselves, a new chance to evolve under a new paradigm.

When you view periodic climate variation over Deep Time there is nothing in the record of history that can compare to the changes the human population has brought upon not only itself, but the entire Eco-System of Earth itself in less than 500 years.

When running toward the edge of a cliff there is no problem until the end.

“You must have a plan, if you don’t have a plan, you will become part of someone else’s plan.” Terence McKenna

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Joshk wrote:
dw911 wrote:
There is far to much fiddling of data, half truths, vested intrests etc from both sides

For the people that distrust all data, try this thought experiment. Would you go to bed with the exhaust of your car pumping into your bedroom? Hell no. But our planet is a closed system. There’s 1.2 billion cars being driven and that’s probably nothing compared to the coal power plants and trade ships. I read somewhere that the ships that move goods internationally (like china to US) use more fuel per day than all the cars. How the heck do you not want to sleep in exhaust but are ok with pumping it into the atmosphere at rates you can’t even imagine? It’s even in your bedroom as you sleep, for real! Perhaps the problem is just too big for some imaginations.

I don’t think anyone said they don’t trust data, I personally do trust data, if it’s true and proven on a balance of probabilities to be so, do you blindly trust all data.
Anyway not sure how having exhaust gases in a bedroom, makes altering statistics/data – lying – to make a case for or against something any more true.

But I do know moving goods in those humongous container ships is an incredible efficient way of moving goods, far far more efficient per litre of fuel consumed than any other method of transporting them.
Although if we all on blf stopped buying flashlights, I’m sure they could reduce the number of container ships needed Wink

But as I said before, i think it’s great that there are people on here and all over the world who want things to be more green and ive got nothing against going green if it’s a benefit and not worse than what is replacing,which does happen especially if it’s dreamed up by green fanatic types and I’m sure we have all come across people/projects like that, we have one locally that some green politician thought was a good idea – and ‘found’ some data to back it’s implementation – but increase the pollution 10 fold and caused chaos.

But you completely missed my point, we have established fossil fuel use , if that’s going to change people need to be able to have faith and trust in people trying to sell them something else, something unknown.
So those people selling it need to be seen to be whiter than white

Let’s put it another way, you quote for a contract with a company who already has an established supplier, they are not very happy with that supplier they are outdated, inefficient and they lie, so they want something new and better, so you step in with your supply company you promise them the earth -excuse the pun – something new, efficient, so they are thinking of changing over to you as their new supplier, but then they discover you bent the truth and moved a few figures, not much, but a little just to help your chances, suddenly from thinking we’ll use your company , now they are having serious second thoughts and thinking hey this guy bent the truth,fudged the figures, can we really trust his company, we don’t really trust out original supply company but maybe we should stick with them as despite their faults we are sort of comfortable with they and we know all their faults and flaws already ,so maybe it’s better the devil we know, than someone we don’t.

And people are often just like that, even a small bit of distrust when contemplating something new – even if in all other respect it’s amazing – , makes them want to resist the change and keep the status quo

To me it’s simple if something is good and true then it can stand on its own merit and will have the data to back it, there is never an excuse or need to lie no matter how good the intention.

Anyway I’m off to plug in my electric car so it charges from the solar panels when the sun comes up in a few hours Smile

No I genuinely am Smile

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Good post, I agree.

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Rufusbduck wrote:
At least until we kill the plants. Try looking up the rate of deforestation. A closed system to stay stable has to be in equilibrium. Generating CO2 while at the same time removing the forests and jungles that convert it back to carbon and oxygen is pushing on one side of the system only.

Good point! Wink So… there’s definitely room to improve the way we treat our home planet. Given.

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