FourSevens Atom XHP50.2 - H17-F Driver - Clicky Tail Switch

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FourSevens Atom XHP50.2 - H17-F Driver - Clicky Tail Switch

FourSevens Atom XHP50.2 3v K2 2A - H17-F - 16340 - RV Clicky Tail Sw - 2500lm.Cree XHP50.2 3v K2 2A on 16mm Noctigon
Ground down OP reflector
Cyan GITD tail & LED surround
H17-F driver
Reverse clicky tail switch with tritium vial
Stainless steel body
Copper lined battery tube & head section
Custom made magnetic keyring holder with through switch

Length - 56mm
Width - 19mm
Weight - 52g (with 16340 cell)

Max - 2500lm OTF
30s - 2000lm
60s - 1700lm
1100lm @ 2.7AFourSevens Atom XHP50.2 3v K2 2A - H17-F - 16340 - RV Clicky Tail Sw - 2500lm..

CRX 47s Atom runtime graph:

CRX 47s Atom runtime graph

H17-F Modes.

I keep these other gadgets on my utility keyring:

CRX Utility Keyring - 47's Atom XHP50.2 3v, DQG Hobi+ 365nm UV & Petrol Lighter, 1.6W 450nm Blue Laser.

47's Atom Cree XHP50.2 3v K2 2A 2500m H17F with reverse clicky tail switch.
DQG Hobi Ti+ Seoul Viosys 365nm UV flashlight & Petrol lighter.
DQG Ti 450nm 1600mW blue laser
CRX Ti ferrocerium rod.
True Utility Telescpoic pen.
Slim steel folding Nail clippers.
Tec Accessories Ti Tritium fob.
Magnetic holders.
32mm Titanium split ring.DQG Hobi Ti+365nm UV & Petrol Lighter - 10280 - Twisty Sw - Rechargeable.

CRX CuTi Laser Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW - OFBD 1.6A - 10280 - Mo Button Tail Sw - 1600mW.


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I LOVE what you’ve done here!
Modding the light you like, for your purposes, with good taste and perfect execution… well done !
Plus, magnets, trits, brushed metal with black accent, just what I like Silly

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Nice! You’re really on a roll with all these tiny lights!

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Another terrific mod from the CRX high performance industries factory. Well done. Thumbs Up


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it’s a ‘twisty’ but also has a momentary switch?

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I have the Atom A0, and I’m not a fan. 4sevens’ other lineups are of good quality, but the Atom really disappointed me.

The mode switching (twisty) is very unreliable. It often skips, and high is difficult to maintain unless I tighten it harder than I’d like. It also eats o-rings. The tint is also very cool (the coolest of all my “good” lights), though I can’t blame 4sevens for that.

That said, it’s a nice-looking, clean light. Also, my smallest AAA light. And I actually like the pure flood.

It’s too bad the quality isn’t up to par with the other models. I think they sacrificed too much to make it that small.

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CRX wrote:
Have you thought about moddin’ it? Wink

Yes, sticking in a Nichia 219 would certainly make the tint a lot more pleasing. However, the switching issues would still be there, wouldn’t they? Anyway, I don’t have the skill. It has been relegated to a drawer full of stuff I no longer use.