TrustFire Mini 01 Tail Switch Mod

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TrustFire Mini 01 Tail Switch Mod

I’ve really gone off twisty lights for the time being so here is another one of my tail switch mods.
The light did have a larger heatsink and different driver but i have removed them due to the space needed for the tail switch. Any questions, please feel free to ask MRsDNF Big Smile

Triple XP-G2 S2 2B emitters on Noctigon MCPCB
Copper heatsink
10507 TIR
Stock 3A 3 mode driver
Reverse clicky switch

Max – 600lm
cd – 2100
Throw – 92m


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Nice work! the Mini-01 is still one of my fave CR123 format SS lights out there.

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Only one question. Whats the address I send my lights to for the CRX makeover? Thumbs Up
Thanks for my daily fix. Happy now. Smile


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amazing….this is the best one i think of all the recent clicky mods.

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This is one amazing mod, that pill assembly is a work of art as always !
Nice little chubby clicky sweety lighty piece of EDC Silly

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