Olight Baton series S2R + S1R Rechargeable Flashlight Review

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Olight Baton series S2R + S1R Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Hi everyone this is the review for the Olight Baton S1R and S2R rechargeable series flashlights. Since both lights share many characteristics I decided to review them together, to show more clearly any differences or similarities.

Manufacturer specs for the S2R:
S2R Baton is the rechargeable version of the popular S2 Baton. While adopting the classical charging method of Olight – charging through the magnetic tailcap, it comes with a brand new designed portable magnetic USB charging cable, through which it can utilize the widely available USB power supplies, such as powerbanks and car chargers, laptops, etc. It uses Olight branded 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries, delivering a maximum output of 1020 lumens. There will be no need to frequently change batteries for S2R Baton, thereby making it more cost-saving andbecoming an ideal illumination tool for home application.

Main features:
-Cree XM-L2 LED
-Includes a 3200mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium battery
-The flashlight can be charged through the magnetic contact charging port.
—Magnetic tailcap and tailstand possible.

Manufacturer specs for the S1R:
The S1R baton (S1R) is a side-switch, rechargeable EDC flashlight, powered by one RCR123 rechargeable lithium battery of high discharging rate, giving a maximum output of 900 lumens. It ulitizes Cree XM-L2 LED. Coupled with TIR optic lens of high light transmission rate, it can deliver a balanced beam. S1R has five brightness levels and a strobe mode, covering an output range of 0.5 to 900 lumens. The outer appearance of S1R follows the style of BATON Series. It comes with a magnetic charging cable. You may use a desktop micro-dok as an optional charger, which makes it easier to acquire the power source whether at home or outdoors, and make sure the flashlight is always ready to bring brightness to your life at any time.

Main features:
-Cree XM-L2 LED, also available in NW
-Powered by a 550mAh RCR123 customized battery of five times discharging rate, giving a maximum output up to 900 lumens
-The flashlight can be charged through the magnetic contact charging port
-Magnetic tailcap and tailstand possible.


First things firsts and that’s the packaging, I really like what Olight has done here. There is a cardboard insert on which the light is held by its own clip, avoiding unnecessary use of plastic or protection foam material. On the outside of the packaging you can see all the details including runtime on turbo and how long it takes to step down. Olight is one of the few manufacturers to show this information and I applaud them for that.

Package contents are the same for both lights: the light itself, a battery already installed in it, instruction manual, quick start guide, USB charger, lanyard and now they have included a very nice pouch.

Build Quality and Finish

Pictures of both lights in different angles. It follows the same design of other olight baton series light, with the side clicky and removable clip. Overall quality of both units are excellent, with flawless anodizing and a very solid feel in hand.

The clip is very solid, they are removable but you must apply some force to remove them. Accidental detaching is unlikely. Here you can see how much of the head extends beyond the clip, the S2R sits more flush then the S1R.

The XM-L2 LED is not visible because it uses a high transmission rate TIR optic. The advantages of an optic vs a typical reflector includes a more uniform beam and more drop-resistant by skipping the glass. The front bezel as well as the ring around the switch are blue anodized, Olight is one of the few manufacturers to use this kind of visual element. Because the S2R has a wider body, the bezel is covered by the head.

The back of the tail cap has two contact points for the USB charger, they are exposed but thanks to the protected battery it only turns off if you accidentally short them. In real world use it is very unlikely for it to happen since the center contact point is recessed.

As with most other Olight products, before operating the light you must remove a plastic tab that prevents accidental turn on.

The threads came pre-lubed, are fully square cut and provides a very smooth twisting action. Both parts are anodized making tailcap lock out possible.

The 18650 battery from the S2R is the same as long as a common protected cell, and the S1R 16340 cell is even a tad shorter than an unprotected cell.

Despite being proprietary cells they can still be used in any other flashlight and normal chargers thanks to its button top. These will behave as a normal protected battery in every other flashlight. And of course, you can also use other cells with the S2R and S1R but without the charging function.

Here it is comparing the length of the flashlight vs the cell it uses.

Size comparison with other members of the Baton family.

Compared to other lights of the same format, I’m surprised at how compact the S2R is, in fact it is the shortest 18650 tube light in my collection, And the lightest one as well.

The head diameter is also slimmer than the Convoy S2+.

Same goes for the S1R, being just a bit longer than a Fenix E15 which is a twisty. It has some extra length compared to the original S1 due to the charging mechanism in the tail cap.

There is a embedded neodymium magnet in the tailcap strong enough to support the light on all angles with the battery inside. Surprisingly the S2R holds on stronger than the S1R despite being heavier, due to a larger diameter magnet.

USB Charging

What’s special about these lights is the magnetic charging system, compared to other lights that charges via a micro USB port you don’t have to worry about carefully placing it on a certain position to avoid stressing the connector, instead just snap it on and leave it. Detach it anytime you want without needing to close the silicone cover back. And because the charging circuit is external you can use the light while being charged, a huge plus for me.

The charging cable is about a feet long and comes with a very strong magnet. There is a translucent part on the contact disk, it lights up red when charging and green when finished.

Looking at the tail cap you can see the charging mechanism and it is very cleverly designed: the center contact on the back is actually -ve and it then goes around the +ve inside the tail cap. They both “cross” each other and a plastic ring provides insulation. The body is +ve as opposed to most other flashlights.

The coupling action is extremely easy and you can do this with closed eyes. Here’s a slo-mo of it, just throw the light and it will automatically snap. Sorry for the watermark, I did this on my phone and that was the app I used.

Both S1R and S2R charges at 0.77A rate and worked fine with all my USB power sources including power banks.

Charging the S2R battery from empty took 4h 41min and 16.9Wh of energy,
for the S1R 58min and 3.2Wh. Battery termination voltage was 4.17V.

Output and UI

The beam produced is a large round spot with a square-ish corona around. This type of beam is perfect for indoor use, compared to the S2+ it has a much larger spot, this makes close-up task more comfortably such as reading in the dark or lighting up a whole room. The tint is a good CW with no hints of yellow or green. I don’t have precision lumens measuring tools, but according to my eyes and compared to other lights of their category they do deliver the claimed lumens.

Although being very similar, the S1R and S2R operates differently:

Total of 5 modes:
Moon: 0.5 lm / 15 days
Low: 12 lm / 33 hrs
Medium: 60 lm / 4.5 hrs
High: 300 lm / 60 min
Turbo: 900 lm…300 lm / 0.5 min…55 min

-When on: hold to change modes, single click to off. It cycles thru low-mid-high-turbo.
-When off: single click goes to last used mode, hold for moon and double click for turbo.
Hidden strobe mode is activated with 3 clicks in any state.

Total of 5 modes:
Moon: 0.5 lm / 60 days
Low: 12 lm / 120 hrs
Medium: 120 lm / 13hrs
High: 500 lm / 200 min
Turbo (hidden): 1020 lm…500 lm / 2 min…190 min

-When cycling thru modes it only goes low-mid-high, turbo is hidden and requires double click to activate, from on or off.
-Turbo does not memorize, it will go to high instead.

To avoid overheating a timed step down is programmed in both lights when used in turbo mode: 30 seconds for the S1R and 2 minutes for the S2R.

There is also a very neat timer feature, you can set an auto-off timer of either 3 or 9 minutes by double click when the light is on. In the S2R you must click then press. The Olight UI is one of my favorites, I really like the instant access to both lowest and highest mode and being able to turn it on/off without having to hold the switch.

Electronic lockout is also possible by holding the switch from off status until it turns on and off moonlight.

Final words:

S1R: tiny yet impressively bright, the S1R is one of the highest output light in its class and it can easily stand against full sized lights. The ability to charge while being used is a huge plus specially when it uses a compact battery.

S2R: one of the slimmest, shortest and lightest tube lights in the market makes it a great EDC, with excellent balance between power and portability. I will have the S2R in my car from now on, no longer have to worry about having a separate charger.

I hope this review was informative to you, both lights were sent by Olight for me to review. Thanks! Big Smile

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Haha, that throw, cool stuff!

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S1R 1900 lumens? Wink

Typo, should be 900

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Oops! Fixed, thanks for noticing it Big Smile

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Great review and great light.

I really love the magnetic connector for the charge.

Very similar to the klarus one

And the blue paint (blue ring) in the head makes even more appealing .

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