PflexPro Micro-Textured (MT) AR Lens Mini-Review

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PflexPro Micro-Textured (MT) AR Lens Mini-Review

Hey all,

Just a quick review of the new Micro-Textured P60 lens from Randy @ PflexPro (I was one of the foks he sent one to for evaluation).
Original thread here: Pflex Pro Micro-Textured P60 Lens

No real in-depth or scientific testing here, just some observations from an average user.

I had a couple different P60 drop-ins to test, and chose the 2 with the most to gain. One being an XM-L2 with a slight “ringy” beam, and the other a de-domed XP-G2 with a sizable artifact from a not-so-perfect de-doming. Both have SMO reflectors.

One thing I noticed when I received the lens was that there was protective film on both sides. Sounds obvious, but it wasn’t apparent initially, as the film on the non-obvious side was perfectly applied with no edges/seams. It actually took some effort to get it off once I realized it was there.

Moving on…

The MT lens comes with a rubber o-ring spacer to use with your P60 host de jour, and comes with easily understandable install instructions (no rocket surgery degree needed here). If you are replacing the stock, non-AR lens with the MT lens, it will give you a slight bump in both output and throw in addition to the slight diffusion. Seeing as all my P60 hosts already have AR lenses, the slight output gains didn’t really apply, and the negligible loss in throw that the micro-texture induces wasn’t a concern either. I was primarily interested in the MT lens’s ability to “clean up” an ugly beam, while maintaining better output and throw compared to a typical diffusion lens/film.

In that regard, I’d say it performs very well, and is a much better option that going to a full OP reflector and/or diffusion film to try and achieve the same result. The one thing I did notice was a minor tint shift compared to the standard AR lens. The MT lens offers a very slightly warmer hue, which in my case, was a welcome side effect. YMMV there, but it is not significant IMO.
Overall, I’d say it’s a win! The only unknown at this point is pricing.

Installed in a Solarforce L2P:

Beam comparisons:



Pics aren’t the greatest, but with the XM-L2 the MT lens removed most of the noticeable rings in the beam.
With the XP-G2, it removed most/all of the very large artifact (dark spot) in the lower right-hand corner.

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