Compact 15 degree XR-E/7070? reflector... ???

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Compact 15 degree XR-E/7070? reflector... ???

Hi fellows, a tad bored as usual lately. Checking out eBay searching for XR-E lenses, as I presume they would also do good on 7070 emitters Question , just found this cute looking thingie:

10pcs 15° LED Reflector Collimator Lens Cup Base For Cree XR-E/XM-L/XM-L2 Q5 T6

Mmm, isn't it a tad fat opened for 5050s?

Well, would it pair nicely with quad-die emitters? Seems to have “texture” for it, right? It also has about the right height to be crowned with a 11mm focal distance aspheric, LoL!

Nice price. Smile


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Very interesting idea indeed.  I don't like the idea of reflectors that step out like that.  Seems like there has to be a shadow cast after each step that wastes reflector surface.  With your multi-emitter idea, that might be a minimal impact.  Sure is low cost enough to try out.  Smile

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15-20 degrees seems to be hotspot angle. Full angle is much bigger.