Convoy M1 MT-G2 mod questions...

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Convoy M1 MT-G2 mod questions...

I am going to convert my M1 to an MT-G2 4000k light. I am considering either using a zener modded 105C with 12 7135’s or a zener modded fet driver. Since the light will be powered by 18650’s, I am thinking the 105C might be the best option.

What do all of you think?

On a side note, does anyone know of an 18650 battery tube that would lego with the M1 so I could run 2 18650’s?

Thanks Matt

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I built a C8 with a zener modded 105c with 12×7135s and a MTG2. It was running with 2s 18350ies or an extension tube for 2s 18650. It was not really a stunner, so I replaced the MTG2 with a XHP50! That’s a great deal brighter to my eyes and I like it much better!

My conclusion: go for a fet driver with MTG2!

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I think you wont find extender tube for M1.
You need to use 2×18350.
12×0.35=4.2A, as for me this is enought for mtg2.