3000lumens USB Charging Compact Flashlight with 1*26650 Internal battery

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3000lumens USB Charging Compact Flashlight with 1*26650 Internal battery

*ACEBEAM not only manufacture High Power Search LED Flashlight, but also is expert in Brightest Compact Torch.

EC50 GEN II is one of symbol.* Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


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I like this. I hope it tests better than the Klarus G20.

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Been waiting for the day I could order one of these. Today is the day. Interesting thread or commercial. Betting it’s dead now.

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Interesting light but definately not budget at $119.00.


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I like Acebeam, and I’m more than willing to spend 120 bucks on a light, but not this one…

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I love 26650 lights, if I were inclined to spend that much.. this looks like a good one. The heat must be something else on this one..

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