ACEBEAM T21 Latest Hunting&Tactical Flashlight

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ACEBEAM T21 Latest Hunting&Tactical Flashlight

Acebeam T21 1500lumens throw 1050meters. Powered by 1 or 2*18650 Li-ion batteries.Also available the Remote Control Switch .

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if you dont mind me asking Smile

Nico -.-

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I like the output and runtime, this is the first time a manufacturer has dared to really push the XP-L HI. Also, 1hr runtime from 2×18650 means no step down at all? Sweet.

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It’s a pretty light but I lost faith in Acebeam when I got a bad K70. I’ll probably never buy another one.

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Is the head the same size as the maxtoch 2x shooter and olight m3xs?
This is an exciting light because it can be ran with only a single 18650. Should be a fairly small thrower

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I want to know more! Very pretty light!