Mini Review: Lumintop Torpedo 007 (1xCR123)

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Mini Review: Lumintop Torpedo 007 (1xCR123)


The Lumintop Torpedo was won in a forum giveaway. No payment was received for the review.

Product page:


Lumintop produce an interesting and popular range of lights, including quite a few models with non-aluminium construction, placing them into the “luxury” light category. The Lumintop Torpedo 007 is a compact CR123/RCR123/16340 light.


The light comes in a presentation box, with keychain, 2 spare O rings, and instructions.

Manufacturer Listed Features

Cree XP-L V5 LED
Output / runtime
0.5 Lumens (25 Days)
15 Lumens (40 Hours)
100 Lumens (7 Hours)
520~320 Lumens (1.5 Minutes+ 100 Minutes)
Max Beam Intensity 1930cd
Max Beam Distance 87 Meters
Modes 4 Modes(Low-Mid-High-Moonlight)
Length: 2.55” (64.8mm)
Diameter: 0.74” (18.7mm)
1 x CR123A or 1 x RCR123A (NOT INCLUDED)
Water Resistant
IPX-8 (2 meters)
Impact Resistant 1.5 meters
Accessories 2 x O-ring, keychain


The light is stainless steel, with a copper coloured band around the emitter end, with “flame” engraving. It is a very beautiful light. It easily picks up fingerprints, but it is also easy to wipe them off. The light uses a tail switch, which is part of a tail structure that allows for keychain (included) or lanyard (not included) to be attached. There is also a (not particularly bright) blue tritium vial in the tail switch, which is a nice addition at this price point. The threads are smooth, though not well lubricated. There is no knurling, though it still felt secure in my fingers – no dropping occurred! The light is well constructed and solid.

Internally, the light has a spring at the tailcap end. Unfortunately my Keeppower protected 16340 cells are too long for this light, and whilst I could get the tail cap on (just), the light only functioned in one mode. Thus testing was performed with a CR123, which are rather expensive in Australia.

User Interface

The light goes from off>low>off>mid>off>high>off>moonlight.
The on>off is rather reminiscent of “old skool” clicky flashlights, and is simple to use. I would prefer to have moonlight as the first mode. The light usually remembers the next mode.


Runtime could only be tested with a 1500mAh CR123. On high, the light dropped from around 500 lumens to 330 lumens over the first 10 mins. Output was then fairly constant in brightness at around 330 lumens until 70 minutes, and then output declined before shutting off at 100 minutes. The light runs very hot on high, and continuous use on high probably isn’t recommended. Other reviews have shown higher initial output using RCR123/16340 cells.


The beam is a wide floody beam with hotspot due to a shallow OP reflector. The tint is what I would call a pure cool white with a very slight hint of yellow in the hotspot. In other words at the more neutral end of cool white. I would estimate the CRI as being above 70CRI, which is acceptable for most purposes.


This is a very beautiful light, is good value for money for its exceptional looks. User interface is simple and easy to use, and moonlight mode is bonus. It was disappointing that this light may not function correctly with some protected RCR123/16340 cells.

I would recommend the Lumintop Torpedo 007 for those who like a stylish compact light, and I’m sure it would make a great gift light in markets where CR123 cells are well priced (such as the USA). It may also be popular with flashlight collectors.

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