Rofis KR20 XP-L HI -- video, photos & written content

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Rofis KR20 XP-L HI -- video, photos & written content
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Rofis KR20 XP-L HI 1100 Lumens

Declaration & Thanks:
This light was supplied for review by Rofis flashlights.

Conclusion Summary:
What can I say, I really like this light. It’s similar sized to a p60 host, maybe a tad shorter. But with the XP-L HI packs some punch.

I love the smaller design details and the light feels quality and does the job at hand. The beam is good and crisp, the tint is perfectly acceptable for almost any tastes and it’s a nice light to carry.

Manufacture Specs:

Info about my reviews and testing:
I like to keep my reviews fairly informal and not overly technical. There are plenty of talented people with fancy measuring devices to offer more technical detail. What I want to do is give an honest appraisal of owning and using this torch, and what a regular punter will make of it.

What’s in the box?

The KR20 comes with the usual spare o-rings. A very nice holster and I’d like to make special mention to the very high quality USB cable. It shows thought has gone into this light as a package, not just a single item.

Exterior Design & Ergonomics:
The anodising is flawless on my sample. The switches all feel great and the threaded sections are square in profile and have no binding or slop in them.

There is an anti-roll tactical ring for cigar grip and a sturdy pocket clip. The light is finished off with a SMO reflector and a stainless bezel.

It has stable tail standing and comfortable to hold and use.

I’d also like to make special note of the bullet motifs on the light. I assume it’s intentional, as there are bullet shaped cutouts on the pocket clip and on the recesses on the head of the light. I like little touches like this.


The KR20 uses a reasonable sized SMO reflector.

This offers up a lovely beam profile. Good spill beam, but with a nice tight hot spot and good throw for a light of this size.

Switch, UI & Performance:

The KR20 uses two switches, an electronic side switch and a forward tail clicky. Both switches feel quality and the rail clicky has a Rofis boot, another little design touch I like.

The forward clicky gives you momentary, something lacking on many lights these days. This also has mode memory, so you can use momentary with the last selected mode.

A quick double half press of the rear switch gives instant strobe.

A full click turns the flashlight on.

Once on, it is the side switch that scrolls through the modes. A click and hold will give instant strobe, else a single click will advance through the outputs.

My only lament on the UI is, there is no instant to max output. Which means you can easily scroll past it and have to start again.

It has a couple of low modes, maybe not true moonlight, but certainly fairly low. From off if you hold the side switch and turn on, it will instantly go into this moonlight mode. This means if you have the memory set to max output, you can access the lowest and highest settings from off.

One feature I really love on this light, is the standby/finder mode. The last mode as you scroll through the outputs actually turns of the LED and every 3 seconds will blink the green light on the side switch. This is unobstrusive as it isn’t too birght, but is ideal to locate the torch in the dark.

In Actual Usage:
Size wise the KR20 compares favourably with other tactical style 18650 lights. It is fairly short and compact. The tactical ring is removable and does give it a little bit of a lumpy feel, but this makes for very good anti-roll.

I found the beam, tint and UI to all be great for EDC use. The low isn’t a moonlight in my opinion, just a low., but it is a suitable low setting, and the beam is ideal for outside use.

The KR20 comes supplied with a Rofis branded 3400mAh battery. The reason is, like many lights today the KR20 has on board charging.

It has a covered USB port near the side switch. To which you plug the superb USB cable into. Charing is simple and it uses the side switch as a charge indicator, being either green or red.

The same indicator light also acts as a battery indicator when you activate the flashlight.