Godmes T01 .. Best AA / 14500 Thrower????

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Godmes T01 .. Best AA / 14500 Thrower????

Trying to find a smallish AA / 14500 that has a decent throw and is still very pocketable

I ‘m awful tempted with the Manker / Godmes T01 especially as I have a Manker E11 which is a great little torch but is more flood.

I’ve also looked at the Klarus mi7 but I’m not that keen on the large gap in between modes ie 5 to 90 to 700 with a 14500 … their spacing just doesn’t really work for me personally.

I’d also considered the Astrolux S3 but it’s that bit bigger and having recently had a bad experience with both their S1 and their A01 I’m loathe to try another of their offerings.

I did see some beamshots comparing it to the ZL 52 which seemed to have as tight a hotspot so I’m guessing it’d have similar throw although the 52 doesn’t seem to be “promoted” as a thrower so I’m guessing maybe not???

If anyone has any comments on the T01 or any other possible suggestions I’ve missed would be much appreciated!!

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I have a Godmes T01. Good throw, certainly, and quite efficient (on eneloop, I don’t bother with 14500). My problem is that I don’t really like the slight delay between pressing the switch, and the thing coming on (and the equally long press and hold to turn it off). Because of this, I don’t use it that often, and find that when I do pick it up I’ve forgotten how it works, and end up going through the blinkie modes.

The other thing is that there was seemingly an endless series of iterations of this, and the Manker branded light. Mine doesn’t have the moonlight mode, which I would have liked.

I guess you’ve seen the Utorch UT01 review & groupbuy, but that is a shameless copy of the Manker.

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this is the reason I bought mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEUHHcBvVM0&feature=youtu.be&t=38m15s

YES. I watched it all Wink

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T01 is a very good light, you will like it.

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The Astrolux S3 does not work with AA so if you want to be flexible the T01 shurely is the best AA thrower at the moment. if you want to use mainly 14500 i´d skip the Manker and go for the Astrolux S3 immediately, especially the full copper version Smile
Very nice light!

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I second the Astrolux SC, amazingly bright for a14500 light and the lighted tailcap is very cool, folks say, “what is that light sticking up out of your pocket?” Smile just be aware the solid copper light is a bit on the heavy side.