Review: XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus Charger

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Azza wrote:
This is an old review. But I still found this review quite useful. Thanks to the author for posting his views in such clear to understand and helpful manner. He also covered several points of public interest which many reviews do not.

Thanks. The charger is still going well! Very reliable workhorse!
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I am on the lookout for a 4-bay Li-ion + NiMH charger-cum-analyzer that has a discharge voltage termination set at or below 2.8V preferably.

Even better if the termination point can be determined & set by the user (above 2.55V for safety reasons.)

Are there any other such 4-bay chargers since 2016 when you wrote this review? I can’t seem to find any.

I also wonder at what voltage level the Miboxer C4-12A terminates its discharging cycle. This info isn’t easy to come by.