Olight PL-1 II VALKYRIE review (450 lm,XP-L,CR123A)

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Olight PL-1 II VALKYRIE review (450 lm,XP-L,CR123A)


Welcome to my review of the Olight PL-1 II VALKYRIE weapon light.

What is it all about?

This review will be dedicated to an updated model of Olight’s pistol light, the PL-1 Valkyrie, that is called PL-1 II. This is a weapon light, with an integrated pistol mount. The flashlight is very easy to use, has one brightness mode and one strobe mode.

I will describe the light, and the differences from the previous model as well.

Tech. Specs

Let’s Start

The flashlight comes in a small carton box.

The flashlight comes with a tool and a mounting screws for another mount (it supports both MIL-STD-1913 and Glock). The battery comes pre-installed in the flashlight.

Here is the light itself. It is very solid and feeld very well made. No flaws were detected.

A bit regarding controlling the light:

There are two buttons at the sides of the back of the flashlight (there is no tailcap).
A short click on each of the buttons turns the flashlight on and off. There is also momentary on function – the flashlight will light as long as you will keep the button pressed.
Pressing both buttons at the same time will turn the strobe function on.
As you see Olight kept things simple here, as it should be in this kind of light.

The flashlight in maximal disassembled state. As you can see the threads are not anodized. It keeps the contact even when the head is not fully screwed in, but puts some questions regarding the longevity of the flashlight.

There is a small metal handle at the side of the flashlight, that will fasten the flashlight to a piston. It has a solid quality feel as well.

A short comparison with the successor

1. У новинки нет синих светодиодов, присутствующих у прошлой модели (и соответственно слабого режима в 2 люмена, реализованного именно с помощью этих светодиодов).
2. Новинка работает ярче, и дольше ( 450 люмен 60 минут, против 400 50 минут).
3. Новинка проще в управлении (проще включить стробоскоп).
4. У новинки появились радиаторы

1. The new model does not have the blue led’s that the older model had.
2. The new model is brighter (450 lm vs 400) and works longer (60 minutes vs 50).
3. The new model is easier to use (strobe mode is easier to activate).
4. The new model has some radiators to dissipate the heat.

Does it light?

The light is cool white, close to neutral but still cool white.

Brightness (lux from a meter)

Olight PL-1 – 2450
Olight PL-1 CR123A – 3000
Olight PL-1 RCR123A – 3300

As you can see the new model has more throw than the older one. You can also use RCR123A (there are many reasons not to do so in this flashlight) and gain 10% more brightness.

Conclusion,final thoughts

Another great light. By the subtle changes I can presume that the older model was also very successful.

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Thanks for the review. I’ve been waiting for this one.


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Is there a prefered vendor and rough price point?

I have been looking for the gen 1, but due to lack of availability the price has skyrocketed and they have become very scarce. (This may have been due to the version II coming out.)

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Gen 1 was discontinued due to the mount loosening under use.

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Thank you viper xpl for the review,I really am glad to see olight step up and making a good weapons lights for less than stream light or sure fire,i just wish that olight,jet beam, nitecore or the like wpuld make weapins/ green laser light with the laser close to the bore of possible. Thanks for the review and the great beamshots.