Rofis TR18 small angle head flashlight Review (Mini TR20)

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Rofis TR18 small angle head flashlight Review (Mini TR20)


Hey folks so first thing first I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and I hope 2017 bring new and exciting things our way. Thanks for all the support it means a lot. It is Christmas eve and I am writing this. I have had the Rofis TR18 for a week and half and have not done the review sorry Rofis! I have had so many reviews to do this week. I always seem to get all my gear at once. After this review I also have the Rofis KR10 to review.

Thanks Rofis for the support I always enjoy reviewing your lights. Rofis sent me this light for review we will directly compare the TR20 and the TR18.
So as you may have guess today we are reviewing the Rofis TR18 it is basically the baby brother to the Rofis TR20. I only have great things to say about the TR20 so lets see how the TR18 does.


If you want a summary the TR18 is basically smaller, lighter and more compact then the TR20 and is actually a tad brighter. But it is missing the inbuilt charger. Anddddd review done! I wish lol.

THE HEAD IS EASIER TO MOVE ON THE TR18. I thought I would highlight this point because a few people didn’t like that the head was hard to move on the TR20. Me being me I always have to be different I like the firm head action. That sounds dirty! (insert pun in the comment section). Rofis have loosen the head so it is now easier to move and the TR18 also has higher degree of movement. The Rofis TR18 is capable of moving its head to a 150 degree angle while the TR20 was only able to do 90 degrees. So while the TR20 would stop in the middle of the body the TR18 keeps on going till you almost get the hole way around.



The TR18 now falls into the EDC category for me. If you want to EDC an 18650 flashlight I won’t judge they get amazing run times and output. They have managed to make the TR18 shorter then the TR20 by eliminating the Inbuilt charger. These lights could be even more compact but the swivel head takes up room. With the magnet taken of the Rofis TR18 is about the same as the S2+ and with the magnet on it is the about same size as the BLF A6. So all around we will call it even! As they say every inch counts lol.


My magnet will be staying on the TR18 this is one of the best things about this range of flashlights from Rofis. A magnet always comes in handy. For the full specs the TR18 is 118mm (11.8cm) in length and 24.5mm (2.45cm) in diameter. The TR18 has also been on a diet coming in at a light weight 69.5 grams with out the battery and magnet and clip. Basically how a S2+ comes. This would make it about the same weight as an S2+ I believe and lighter then the BLF A6. The TR18 uses the usual aircraft grade aluminum alloy and hard anodizing type 3 and has the same finish as the TR20. Which h is good my TR20’s finish is still going super strong. They both feature AR (Anti Reflective) coated glass lens.


Design wise the TR18 has taken a different approach Rofis have changed the side switch to there updated model from the KR20. This means that the switch still sits flat but that there is a cut out around the switch now which features a stainless steel retaining ring. Rolling the TR18 on my work desk does not turn it on which is the same result as I got from the TR20. The Rofis TR18 does feature a lockout function you simply press the hold the side switch from the of mode for 3 seconds and it will be locked out. Moonlight will come on while doing this but just keep holding the switch and it will lock. I think every flashlight with a side switch should feature a lockout function this is an essential feature especially for an EDC flashlight. The tail cap threads on both the TR18 and TR20 are UN-anodized so you can not lock out the threads. As with the TR20 the TR18 has very well cut threads they match perfect no problem trying to tighten of loosen the tail cap.


The TR18 will be great for work and EDC it comes with an IPX rating of 8 which is submersible to two meters. The TR18 also has an impact resistance of 1.5 meters which is great considering it uses a buck driver. The TR20 also features the same specs in this department. I am not making it easy for you to chose one am I? Lol.

The TR20 was a dual side switch flashlight one switch to change the modes and one for power. While the TR18 only uses only one switch to do all that. Both of these lights still feature a location mode where the switch blinks so you can find your TR18/TR20 in the dark. They both feature the built in battery indicator in the switch that turns on every time you start the light. 3 second long green flash means battery is over 50 percent. When the power is below 50 percent the button will flash red. When the battery is almost fully drained the switch will blink red fast. This feature only works on standard modes and not in the blink settings.


The other design changes are the knurling looks like it has deeper groves on the TR18 you probably wont notice because the difference is tiny. No USB port on the TR18 because it has no charging feature. The TR18 keeps all the goodies that I love and enjoy. It features a reserve facing clip so you can wear the TR18 on your hat while working. The TR18 of course has the removable magnet it is the same size on both flashlight but the TR18 is much smaller and lighter. so you will have even more sticking force. You may be able to use the TR18 to do pull ups (do not try to do a pull up with the TR18). Also the swivel head function is back bigger and badder then last time it still looks the same except when you turn it further almost twice as fare as the original.
Looking from the front the TR18 uses an orange peel style reflector while the TR20 uses a SMO reflector. So naturally the beam on the TR18 will be slightly more flood heavy which is better for such a small flashlight. As I said before they both have AR coated lenses for extra output.


The Rofis TR18 as with all other Rofis flashlights I have tested use the Cree XPLHI V3 with a maximum output of 1100 lumens. Rofis have managed to make the XPLHI work in all these flashlights and they all have a great beam pattern. The XPLHI is a dome-less LED but Rofis has put it into a flood type flashlight and does it work? Well just at the pictures it works great! Generally the XPLHI is used in a thrower style flashlight more often but we are starting to see them being used in flood style flashlights more often. As is with the XPLHI the TR18 gives you a peak beam intensity of 4673cd. Which is equal to 136 meters of beam distance. The TR18 is much more flood heavy compared to the TR20 but this beam profile works well in these lights.


They could have gone with a standard XPL emitter and that may have given slightly more output and a flooder beam pattern. The XPLHI is my favorite emitter and it works great in the TR18. The output of this the TR18 is the same as the other I have tested it is 1100 lumens but on my ceiling bounce test the TR18 scores higher then the TR20 not by much but it is slightly brighter. This could be because of the beam pattern difference.The tint on the TR18 is cold white but the OP style reflector gives it a warmer feel. The reflector its self is not tinted but it does look warmer against a white wall. The LED sits high inside the reflector on the TR18 you dont usually see this. This will make the TR18 more floody.


The TR18 can be run on a few different types of batteries it is best used with a standard 18650 for the longest run time. The TR18 can be used with 16340 the rechargeable CR123s or standard of the shelf CR123. Being able to run the run the TR18 on of the shelf batteries is great. This helps make the TR18 a great EDC option. This is another place where the TR18 differs from the TR20. The TR20 could not be run on 16340s well at least it was not recommended by Rofis. They would need to have a revised driver in the TR18 to accommodate the single side switch. I am guessing it is the same driver as the one in the KR20. I asked Rofis they said its the same driver so I am not sure why its brighter then the rest. It is defiantly an updated driver compared to the TR20 because you can use 16340s now. Both the TR18 and the TR20 and all the Rofis flashlight I have tested are constant current drivers. The TR18 also includes reverse polarity protection which truly does come in handy especially if you choose to use 16340s.


Both the TR18 and the TR20 have a memory mode function for your last used mode.

Lets talk about the output of the TR18. We will run through the modes and how to use them.
The TR18 has 4 standard modes plus a hidden moonlight which is instantly accessible from of. The TR18 also has 3 hidden blink modes. These test where done to ANSI FL1 standards using a Rofis 3400mah 18650 and Two 1700mah CR123s.

  • Moonlight mode: 2 lumens @ 320 hours
  • Low mode: 16 lumens @ 88 hours
  • Medium mode: 65 lumens @ 29 hours
  • High mode: 230 lumens @ 455 minutes? (7.5 hours)
  • Turbo mode: 1100 lumens 30 seconds then 550 lumens 75 minutes



These are all the standard modes except moonlight which can only be accessed from off. So you can see the mode spacing is different on the TR18 compared to the TR20. The TR18 is made to be used in a different way because it is much smaller and lighter. All modes on the TR18 are lower then on the TR20 except for turbo mode. Turbo mode is the same on both flashlights except for the step down on the TR18. The Turbo mode now has a time limit of 30 seconds because the TR18 has a much smaller head then the TR20. You can always put the output back up by cycling modes. I will confirm the TR18 does heat up fairly quickly but then again it is a 30 degree Celsius day here.
You have to take into account that these flashlights use a swivel head so it is harder to dissipate the heat to the body like in a normal flashlight. I think limiting the turbo mode is a good move by Rofis. Either way this is to be expected the TR20 did heat up a lot when left in turbo mode for to long.


Blink modes are as follows to access the blink modes push the side switch 3 times in fast succession from any position. Then push and hold side switch for more then 1 second to change modes between strobe/beacon/SOS. The special hidden modes do not have memory.

  • Strobe mode: 1100 lumens @ 3 hours
  • Beacon mode 1100 lumens @ 3 hours
  • SOS mode: 1100 lumens @ 3 hours


The UI on the TR18 is super easy and simple! Simply push and hold the side switch from off to access moonlight mode. This is great feature because in the dark it is easy to access and it is also hidden from the normal operation of the TR18. I am not a fan of moonlight of mode only in some situations so i love this. To access the normal modes you simply push the side switch once which will turn the TR18 on. Then you push and hold to cycle through modes. The TR18 has a memory function for the standard modes. The TR18 standard modes are set up as follows low, medium, high, turbo.


As I said earlier blink modes are hidden. You simply push the side switch 3 times fast from any position to access them. Then push and hold the side switch for more then one second to cycle through those modes. To use the positioning function (location beacon). When the light is switched on simply keep on holding the side switch till it blinks twice. Then the location beacon will blink every 3 seconds to help you find the TR18 in the dark. The side switch blinks green the side switch also has a built in red LED like the TR20.


What is included in the package?

  • Rofis TR18
  • Clip
  • Lanyard
  • Holster/sheath
  • Removable magnet
  • Spare O-ring


The sheath that comes with the TR18 is very good quality and looks nice and hold the TR18 in a firm position. Not many flashlight come with sheath and not many flashlights come with good quality sheaths. The holding loop on the sheath is metal and not plastic and the sheath is held close by Velcro at the front and the belt loop is held closed by a button clip and Velcro.


The TR18 is a great flashlight it does all that the TR20 does and offers most of the same features except for the inbuilt charger. With that being said you also get extra features on top of the what the TR20 can offer. The smaller size is a good compromise when loosing the charger with the TR18. Seeing as the TR18 is the same size as the S2+ and that is already a small 18650 flashlight and is regularly EDC by many people. With its relative size and all the features that is offers. Its a hard package to beat I am not sure what the TR18 will retail at but I think it will be cheaper then the TR20 if that is so then it works out to be an outstanding buy. I would buy one of these for work flashlight with no hesitation the magnet is super strong and the rotating head makes it so versatile.

All these pictures are taken at ISO 800.

Moon light mode 2 lumen. The door is about 2 meters away.

Low mode 16 lumens. 5 meters to the tree.

Medium mode 65 lumens. 8 meters to the tree

High mode 230 lumens 15 meters to the tree in the normal spot

Turbo mode 1100 lumen. 15 meters to the tree

Turbo mode 100 meters to the far tree

TR18 to the left and the TR20 to the right. You can see the big difference in beam patterns
!Tr18 vs tr20!

TR18 left and stock 3amp S2+ right
!Tr18 vs s2+!

TR18 left and stock C8 XPLHI right
!Tr18 vs C8!

TR18 hanging sideways and tilting the head down. These lights make great work lights the shed is wet and it stick no problem!

Hands free tilting the head at an angle from the shed

Both the TR20 and the TR18 hanging of the shed. TR18 is closest to us you can tell from the bigger beam pattern.

Once again i would like to wish every one on BLF a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Be safe over the holidays and get out and shines your lights while you can. Take the kids fishing,camping,hunting and If there is spare room take me i am big kid Silly

Also thanks for always answering my random question most the time they are not even about lights. I feel i am not judged even if i am goofing around most of the time.

I hope 2017 can bring on bigger and better things for us all Big Smile

Its now the 25th here and its my birthday have a beer or if your soft a soft drink lol for me! Not to much eggnog lads!

Regards Chris

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Happy Birthday Chris Big Smile

Nice review , thanks ! Interesting light .

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Thanks mate.

Yea it is heaps of features make it differentm

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Aw some review and great work with the pictures. This model sounds like a winner. I prefer this over its big brother. How do you turn the light off?

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Thanks mate!
Just a single push of the button same way you turn it on. I did like the dual switches of the TR20 it felt like my Nitecore EA41.z