Nitecore MH20 review and field test (video)

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Nitecore MH20 review and field test (video)

Nitecore MH20 review and field test with English subtitles (please click “CC” below the video in YouTube).

The video above is our review and field test.

Now we are talking about a handy flashlight for many purposes. Despite its small size, the flashlight has 1000 lumens power and beam distance is up to 220 meters. It is water resistant up to 2 meters of water and shock resistant up to 1,5 meters. Due to MH20’s small size it is very easy to take with you for jogging, backpacking and general outdoor activities. It is also suitable for maintenance men and other professional purposes. Because the flashlight is not heavy at all, it is easy to mount to a bicycle and therefore good choice for cyclists. For that purpose Nitecore’s own bicycle mount is ideal. It is made of rubber and features two quick releases: one for a flashlight and the other one for a bicycle’s handlebar.

The lamp fits easily in one’s hand. The overall feeling of this flashlight is steady and reliable.

When used with Nitecore’s 3400mAh batteries the flashlight’s run-time is exceptionally good. The possibility for USB recharging is useful, because it allows, for example, recharging the lamp during the day in a car. The light beam is wide, which is quite surprising considering the size of the lamp. The MH20 flashlight set includes 2 spare sealings in order to maintain the flashlight’s water resistance. The set also includes a wrist strap, a belt clip, an USB port cover and a holster.

Considering its size, price and power MH20 is a significant choice.

Vesa Hernesniemi

Managing director

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