Nitecore TM16 review and field test (video)

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Nitecore TM16 review and field test (video)

Please click “CC” below the video for English subtitles.

Nitecore TM16 is powerful 4000 lumens flashlight. Beam distance is up to 700 meters. The weight of the flashlight is 506g. Flashlight is water resistant up to 2 meters deep and shock resistant up to 1,5 meters. TM16 works with 4 Nitecore’s 18650 batteries providing long runtime.

The set includes a wrist strap and 2 spare sealings for the threads.

TM16 can be described accurately in one word: solid. This one has very good touch in hand, and also has a good grip. There are small lines on the outer frame in order to make grip more stable. Despite it is quite massive flashlight, it is possible to use TM16 with only one finger, because all the buttons are placed close to one’s thumb. Quite smart.

There are 4 LEDs and a large glass in TM16 providing large spread of light. There are special light modes in TM16: strobo, SOS and beacon light. Due to TM16’s features it is suitable for professional and very demanding leisure time activities, searching, industry and government officials.

Please see the video for more detailed review. Feel free to share your opinion.

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