Nitecore MH27 review and field test (video)

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Nitecore MH27 review and field test (video)

English subtitles available in the YouTube video.

Nitecore MH27 is a flashlight with 1000 lumens power and beam distance of 462 meters. The flashlight’s weight is 170 grams. The flashlight works with one Nitecore 18650 battery. The MH27 set includes USB cable, a belt clip, a tactical ring, spare sealing, an USB port cover, an O-ring and main switch cover.

General overview: steady and firm. Due to its size (15,4 cm), there’s instantly good grip in a hand. There’s spikes in front of the flashlight in case of emergency (for example, breaking the glass or car’s front window).

Considering its semi-small size MH27 includes quite a lot different features. There’s of course the white light, but also several special light modes: ordinary white light strobo, colors (red, blue and green), color strobos, SOS light and beacon light.

The main on/off switch lies behind the flashlight and the light mode buttons (+ and -) are placed very well so it’s easy to use the flashlight with one thumb. Due to plus and minus buttons, the logic in the flashlight is extemely simple and that’s why it’s fast to switch between the light modes.

Nitecore MH27 has succeeded in Red Dot Awards 2016. The jury gave the following statement: “Solid workmanship and sophisticated technical details mark the high utility value of this LED torch.” This view can be agreed.

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