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I bought 3 of Lumintop SD4A XPL-HI ones from bang good on the recent Lumintop sale. The price was quite attractive. They mailed me if I would like to wait or go for a refund while the product is in back order. I chose to wait and now they have cancelled the orders.

Has this happened to any of you?

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The same thing happened to me!

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There are a few of these threads. Orders are automatically cancelled after X days.

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Not straight shooters on my order, sad.

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It did for me, back in 2015 when I intended to buy a Nitecore EC20, except I chose for the refund myself when they gave me the choice. Can’t exactly complain.

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This is pretty common, according to them it’s automatic if an order doesn’t mark as shipped within certain amount of days. They said a fix is on the way…

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Same happened to me. Got the mail yesterday today. Order placed dec 31…

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It is an annoying habit of Banggood that they demand your attention multiple times to receive what you ordered. I try not to get irritated and every time obediently answer that I really want what I ordered Tired