gChart's 500 post giveaway - winner announced

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Yesterday I received the flashlight. Thank you gchart!!! Party
Arrived in great conditions and tested! Now I’m waiting for 4 new batteries to feed the monster.
Maybe I will post photos in the future in this thread, if my busy life will permit it Big Smile

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Enjoy the flashlight. Looking forward for pics :THUMBS up:

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Ha, my 7K giveaway is similar to this one.  It wasn't intentional, but maybe I was subconsciously influenced by your GAW.  I wanted to support modders like you apparently do too gchart. 

Darn, I missed entering this giveaway.  Like many GAW's, I meant to enter it, but failed to get around too it.  BLF has so much going on at times these days. 

Congrats scarnific