Noctigon Meteor M43 USB Rechargeable

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Noctigon Meteor M43 USB Rechargeable

Noctigon Meteor XP-G2 S4 3D - SD - 4x18650 - EL Sw - 7000lm - USB RechargeableTwelve Cree XP-G2 S3 3D emitters
Noctigon Copper DTP MCPCB
Carclo 10507 TIR Optics
Green GITD backing & bezel
Stock Driver
Metal soft touch switch
Built in TP5000 2Amp Micro USB charging circuit
Red/ Green Charging indicators
2x Green 10mm x 2.5mm tritium vials

Length - 100mm
Width - 63mm/ 50mm
Weight - 562g (With 4 18650 cells)
Max - 7000lmNoctigon Meteor XP-G2 S4 3D - SD - 4x18650 - EL Sw - 7000lm - USB Rechargeable

Noctigon Meteor Runtime Graph:

Noctigon Meteor Runtime Graph:


Noctigon Meteor USB Charging

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Wow awesome mod! Very clever way to make +ve contact

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Great mod, as always CRX, there are many things to learn from your mods.
I was wondering and maybe it is a stupid question so forgive my ignorance, when you charge the batteries does the current from the charger also goes to driver?
Or is there some kind of a lockout to prevent that?

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Very impressive mod CRX! Thumbs Up

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Awesome Job—Always thought internal charging would make this a perfect light

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Awesome work CRX !