a new EDC light of 2017- JAXMAN E2L

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I have a lot of lights and I still carry the E2L with the 18500 tube everyday. Jaxman has great customer service as well. I ordered a black high CRI model and only the package made it. Light was missing. After a few pics were sent, Jaxman refunded my money (Not AliExpress, Ali fought with us the whole way) and I reordered the light. So thanks Jaxman for everything.

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Umpi2000 wrote:
aginthelaw wrote:
I’m waiting for mtnelectronics to get the warm version back in stock then I’ll have my 3rd Jaxman. You must have a great product if manker is copying it

What light is a copy of this from Manker?

I can’t find the light now. I really should mark this down somewhere…koo koo. Koo koo

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I think he is talking about the Manker Jaxman Z1 clone Banggood accepted to sell a long time ago.

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