Lumintop EDC25 review

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Lumintop EDC25 review

Review example was provided by Lumintop. Here is product at company aliexpress store. Here is a product at Amazon
you can also buy it from Nitetorch store with 20% off sidewide code HJK5KDNQ


EDC25 is packed in thick cardboard box, design is usual for Lumintop.

Inside, accurately packed are: EDC25, battery (warning, battery goes only along with review example. Regular order doesn`t include battery), holster with lanyard and usb-cable within, manual. Package is good and will survive any transportation during shipping.

Lumintop positions this flashlight as EDC. But here is a strange thing, it`s definitely longer than typical modern EDC light -137mm. The reason is that manufacturer also tried to add tactical features to this products. And I think that that failed, but this will be described below.
Ok, regardless to size, EDC25 looks not bad.

It can be disassembled into 3 parts. I couldn`t disassemble head.

Knurling is nice, rombical with furrows along flashlight body.

Tail button is regular and protected by U-shaped walls.

Threads are rectangular and anodized, so it`s possible to lock flashlight. There is not that much lubrication in threads.


Side button makes dual impression. It`s not big, but also it lays in a wide and deep furrow, so I think there will be no problem in finding button.

There is a red discharge indicator in side button

USB-charging port locates in threads of battery compartment, under head. That improves waterproof, but also adds extra length. White plastic also have red-green indication of process of charging.

Cooling ribs are small. But, as turbo is short, they are enough for 480 lums of constant brightness.

Reflector is SMO, withXP-L V5 at bottom. I`d choose OP for EDC light.

What about battery – that’s well known 3400mah Panasonic with protection bord and nice engraving of Lumintop`s rabbit at bottom.

Charging current is only 0.85, so that took about 3.5 hours to fully charge battery. That`s definitely too long. 2A is a good choice. I personally use 0.5A, but I use this at home, and there should be option to charge battery quick, like while driving car.
If appearance and build quality ar ok, UI is not.

There is a mode memory
Tail button supports half clicks.
As threads are anodized, you can lock flashlight by slightly unscrewing it.

Ok by now.
There are 2 modes :outdoor и tactical. To switch between them you have to hold side button for 3 sec
And below is what I personally deeply dislike.
On\off by tail buttton
Side button switches brightnesses.
Side button also starts strobe, but you have to hold it for 1+ sec and release.
“And what?” you ask. Now, pay attention.
Strobe is a kinda of emergency, self-defend mode, isn’t` it? You use it in time-limited situation.
And imagine. Dog\drunk\junky\mummy of Lenin tries to attack you.
Normally you make 2 clicks on flashlight button and here you are, enemy is blinded.

With EDC25, in outdoor mode you have to:
1) Press tail button to turn light on
2) Switch grip from reverse to direct
3) Hold side button and count time, praying not to release it too early (or it will be just mode switching) or too late (or you get in tactic mode)

As for me, that requires too much actions. Of course, who often needs Strobe\SOS. Me, personally, never. But, once there is such a mode in flashlight, access to it has to be quick.

What about tactical mode, you ask.
In this mode:
On-off again by full clicking tail button.
Modes are reduced to Turbo\Strobe\Low. Mode switching by tail button, possible with half clicks.
Of course, in tactical mode it`s way easier to reach strobe.
But there is also low mode, which is made to use in situations when you have not to reveal your location to enemy. I suppose that in tactical flashlight (and let`s treat EDC25 as tactical, once it has tactical mode) immediate access to low\turbo\strobe is a must.
Here you have to circle between bright modes and before you get low mode, chances that your location will be discovered are high (of course there is a possibility to close reflector with hand).
If you use any mode, then turn light off (full click or release tail button from half click) – don`t expect to see this mode again. You`ll face with next mode. For example turbo after low. Your eyes will regret this…
Why does Lumintop block side button in this situation?
That might be so easy : tail button – turbo\strobe (convenient and rapid switching with half clicks), side button – low. That`s it. Instant access to all necessary modes. Not that carousel with tail button.
So, my conclusion:
UI in ourdoor mode is ok (just ok, not like “good\perfect”), you can deal with it in most of usual situations. But using strobe in this mode is a kinda of tricky, as in such situations you have to concentrate on counting time to start strobe.
UI in tactical mode is inconvenient and mostly useless. There is no real momentary access to tactical turbo\strobe\low. After you turn off light, prepare to meet next mode when turn light on after.

SD26 has simplier and more convenient UI, having only one side button.

I`m not fan of SMO reflector in EDC flashlights, but that is my personal attitude. Someone else may prepare exactly SMO. Now there is well know sort of something in-between. Not really floody, nor throwing. But, as well, beam is longer than with OP reflector and wider than in case of regular thrower.

And though I had a lot of complaints about UI, performance is a way better.
There is no visible PWM-shimmering in any mode.
I like variety of modes, that suit to any need.
I respect that Lumintop decided to frankly state real time in turbo and brightness after stepdown. That is a honest attitude.
7 meters to door

15 meters

175м. Turbo makes visible light at the wall, high mode also leave certain trace. But operating in such distances requires longthrowers, not EDC lights.

Here is video with stabilization, which I evaluate as good.

EDC25 is well build light with good performance (for such sort of light) and variety of modes. There is Usb-charging port (but with low A). Good package is suitable for gift.

But…there is also extra 2cm of length and attempt to make this light also tactical. And UI in tactical mode…ufff, that will be real challenge to user! Just use outdoor mode and forget about other one.

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Refreshingly honest review, Narmattaru. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

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