Review Astrolux MH10 with LCD

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Review Astrolux MH10 with LCD

My name is Eryk.
Since some time I write a review in the Polish language.

I decided to try to put my review on your forum.
Review is fully translated by “google translator”, so you can find a few bugs.

Do you like this form? It is clear and easy to read?
Let me know in the comments!

Link to reviews on YouTube.

From 3.57min video shows how energy consumption along with the rise and fall of “lumens”

Some time ago, I ordered a flashlight Astrolux MH10 (then still cost about 33USD). Due to the fact that it is available as an option with a diode and diode neutral cold (hot), I chose the course diode in neutral.
Flashlight is available at Banggood – Here you will find A specification flashlight.
And the code – 7a332f, which lowers the price to 26,5USD.

In a time when our washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances, or electronics are equipped with displays, why not produce a flashlight with a touch panel and display?
Here are the test flashlight Astrolux MH10!

The packaging, in which we get a flashlight to a large extent on the attitude of the colors blue and black – they are referring to the display and housing.

After removing the contents, first it appears torch

In the package you will find:
- flashlight
- USB cable
- case
- Spare o-rings
- A good quality leash on wrist
- manual user instructions

- clip
- Tuba 18350
(Packed separately)

User manual

We move on to discuss the construction of a flashlight.
From the top of a gray, dull ring, which by the way adds to the charm flashlight. Below fast, which the manufacturer describes as “ultra-clear mineral glass” and it’s hard to disagree. Lumintop in their flashlights gives light transmittance of more than 98%, in my opinion Astrolux wins this fight, headlight, fast does a great impression. The whole looks beautiful, it’s probably the best looking spotlight in all torches that had! Quick with AR coating. On the reflector I have not found any crumb like.
We can choose the color of the LED cold or neutral, but let’s be honest, this is the color of heat. It is far from 5000K (neutral), it’s more an 4300-4500K, and 4000K can close? I no longer have my Convoy to be able to compare.
And in addition, the manufacturer indicates that the substrate diode is made of copper! (Often more expensive flashlights still is aluminum …), I do not want to disassemble a flashlight, because the reflector is very clean. But I think that this is true, the torch heats up 4-5min at 55 degrees (in the room, motionless), a very good result

Below you can find the display. Informs us about the current operating mode flashlight, a voltage on the link, the process of charging the like. The driver later. Above and below the display touch pads to control the flashlight.

On the other hand, we find a USB port, a protected piece of rubber. And as far as the torch passed without any problems test immersion 15min, I would not recommend immerse, not because the first time the damage, only that rubber does not make a good impression … gladly I to let in there hot melt adhesive, sealed it permanently, and not afraid of using the abundant rain, or the uncontrolled meeting flashlight with water (I have the same desire to do any flashlight secured in this way …)
The charger with a capacity of 1A, my copy load cells to 4,16V

Next on the tube gently knurled, but it Lumintop SDmini, it is much nicer. Astrolux covered by anodization is of good quality, no loss is not so dull as Lumintop SDmini

The name of the manufacturer and model, we find only a flashlight cap

The threads of quality far different from Lumintop SDmini about Nitenumen NE01 whether Acebeam EC35 not mention. Factory pretty well lubricated

Cap from the inside – gilded spring, quite hard and thick

Weight flashlight, as declared by the manufacturer 92 grams

We’ll get to the question of the driver, that is the heart of every device

Flashlight Astrolux MH10 on the display informs us:
- Current mode, ie. The approximate amount of lm, does not include the voltage drop across the cell to adjust (to show) the number of fluent lm, just 1000lm = 100%, etc.
- Alternating with the number of lm shows the voltage across the cell. Indicator works quite accurately, charged cell will to 4,1V, while the minimum 3V discharged, even when the cell is less
- After the temperature reaches 55 degrees, the display shows the message “HOT”, and captures the power to 600lm (or less)
- 3,1V below shows the display low battery icon if Undress flashlight and once again turn on the discharged cell, sometimes forgets to show icon – a little driver error
- While charging, the display shows an icon for the loaded cells
- Switching in hidden mode indicates the current mode: STR, BEA, SOS (strobe / beacon / SOS)

- From my testing it indicates that the torch has no security other than to inform the low battery cells. Test finished with a voltage of 2.7V at the link, no problem fit cells with protection.
- I have not found information about protecting against reverse polarity, and he did not tested, but, in this flashlight are required cells with outstanding plus, and this usually means a mechanical protection, so I assume that it exists.
- When the temperature reaches 55 degrees, it captures the power of a flashlight.

Description of control:
Above and below the display are touch pads, control is as follows:
- On a double off the flashlight tumble turns on the flashlight (the last zostawionym mode, or if the exchanged link, this mode 1000lm)
- Hold the lower output is reduced (information on the approximate number lm all the time is displayed on the display)
- Hold down the top button increases the power (information on the approximate number of lm all the time is displayed on the display)
- Enabled for single flashlight tumble lower button turns on / off the display
- Switched on the flashlight double tumble in the top button once to enter the hidden mode, or STROBE / BEACON / SOS flashlight indicates the current strobe mode – STR; beacon – BEA, SOSSOS, and to go out in the hidden mode or turn off the torch we przeklikać for three hidden modes
- Switched on the flashlight (not being hidden modes), one slump in the top plate off the flashlight.

Simple control? Simple !

I recommend to carry a torch with a wrist leash (even though I do not wear …), because if we catch a flashlight, sometimes it happens holding the decreasing power.
From 1lm to 1000lm (and vice versa) takes 9,5sec! Is in my opinion a lot.
We do not have the possibility of going directly to the TURBO (ie 1000lm), the only option is a quick loosening the cap and spin again and turning the flashlight, then start mode 1000lm, or search for the switch on the button, as in Convoyach etc., then if you want fast turbo quickly click twice switch and 2-TapTap – yes I know “the game is not worth the candle.”

As I mentioned earlier, you need links with longer plus, preferably with protection against deep discharge cell

Chart, combined with charts flashlights Nitenumen NE01 and Lumintop SDmini + average measurements. The test was conducted using cooling water.


This is the current at various “modes” when fully charged cell.

Comparison of the size, turn TOWILD BC03, Acebeam EC35, Astrolux MH10, Lumintop SDmini

After you left Astrolux MH10 (see the color of the heated), on the right Lumintop SDmini

Photos in the field, camera settings ISO200; 2,5s; f / 2.5, Astroluxowi picture I did in another time, in recent days we have a very clear nights, the photos taken after 24 … maybe the picture is not visible, but Astrolux is definitely warmer color than even zmodowany NiteCore EC4 on LED 3D

Astrolux MH10

NiteCore EC4

Acebeam EC35

High resolution photos:

Link to my table power consumption tested flashlights:

Finally, a brief summary
The price of about 26,5USD get very innovative and unusual product. I think that on one hand we can calculate interesting flashlight equipped with other control than via physical buttons.

On the downsides I have mentioned:
- Long time to increase the power 1-1000lm, because until about 9,5s
- Lack of direct transition mode TURBO
- Gentle protection USB port (always point out, because it is the element through which water is the easiest way to get to the inside of the flashlight
- Personally I do not like so warm colors, and in my reasoning neutral color is around 5000K (for others it may of course be a plus)
- And possibly the need for a cell with a longer plus
- Wet contact plates sometimes react with a delay (nitpicking)

Turning to the advantages, of course, is what I mentioned in the review – great impressive fast, headlight – something beautiful. Control flashlight is easy and intuitive, although I have some doubts whether, for example. My grandmother would cope with the flashlight? This is what is missing in many of the more “reputable” manufacturers a choice of LED cold / heat. The overall quality is very high, visually, it’s really nice flashlight.

Even at the end, a lot of people have asked about the flashlight from my side it looks like this: if you’re ready / wa flashlight controlled in this way, like a warm color (or cold), at a price to 110zł is much much better made, nicer flashlights, and certainly no (or very little) has a built-in display.

Successful shopping !


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it’s terrible that you used google translate all the post
the gg translate work best with simple sentence, not a complex one

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anyway, thanks for nice review

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Thank you for the review. I think Google done an excellent job translating it, totally understandable.

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Thank you for the review. I think Google done an excellent job translating it, totally understandable.