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The Miller, done: 


Don't kill me right away...
Remember, this is what you suggested!



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r3crac wrote:
Please keep in mind that your posts in this category will appear in the Recent Posts list, so please do NOT “spam” the Recent Posts with tactics to “bump” your thread or in any other way dominate the current activity. I’m sure that the liaisons will find a way to keep their currently active threads in this category to a minimum, possibly by re-using certain threads and editing the first and/or second posts.
I think some users forgot about this rule. ;)

And this rule too:

budgetlightforum.com/node/53225 wrote:

Competition between commercial sellers is good for BLF, but bickering and cutthroat competitiveness between BLF liaisons is damaging to the entire BLF community, so please avoid doing so at all cost

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