A review of the Olight PL-1 II "Valkyrie" weapon light

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A review of the Olight PL-1 II "Valkyrie" weapon light

Oh, I’m a lucky lad.

The ever-delightful Sandra of Olight UK has provided me an Olight PL-1 II “Valkyrie” pistol/weapon light for the purposes of review and has instructed that after reviewing, I may keep it for my own use.

In fact, I gifted it on to my buddy Barry who I know from British Blades and who is in a small WhatsApp group of which I am also a member, a rag-tag bunch of knife and torch enthusiasts.

As well as knives and torches, he is also into Airsoft, which is seemingly a way that grown men can shoot at each other without getting hurt….. They use replica guns that shoot small plastic balls instead of nasty bullets. So, bearing in mind I know bugger-all about guns, I have had more than a little help from Barry in providing some gorgeous pics as well as his own views on the light.

So, onto the Valkyrie…….

It is specifically designed to superbly fit a Glock pistol but will also attach (with an included rail-insert accessory and tool – also included is a non-rechargeable CR123a battery though rechargeable RCR123a’s can also be used) to any firearm with a Picatinny rail, otherwise known as a MIL-STD-1913 rail.

Clearly in the UK, this is quite a niche product. However, in other countries many people may have access to legally held firearms whether for self-defence or hunting or within Law Enforcement/Military roles, or replica firearms (as collectors or for use in Airsoft games as previously mentioned).

I can give some of my own thoughts to the light as follows:

It is very well packaged, as are all of the Olight products that I own. The torch itself is extremely simple and sturdy in its operation. A slight nudge or firmer press to the back or side switches (to accommodate for left or right handed grips) will activate it either in momentary or permanent mode as applicable. The switches activate silently. It has a single level of brightness, being 450 lumens. This is a clean, bright light which has a throw of around 106 metres, perfect for close to medium quarters shooting. A fresh battery will power the light for a constant 60 minutes.

There is also a 10Hz strobe setting should it be needed to visually incapacitate/hinder a target.

The lens is made of hardened glass with an anti-reflective coating. The whole light is rated at IPX6, meaning it can withstand powerful water jets being directed at it.

It is a strong, lightweight, powerful light which very firmly fits the Glock like a glove and is also very adaptable to other weapons given the rail inserts that are included within it.

Barry, as well as very kindly giving me some top class pictures that would not look amiss in “24” posters, has also given me his thoughts:

- [ ] Robust and well engineered
- [ ] Precisely Milled Alu Chassis
- [ ] Close tolerances
- [ ] Strong clasp mechanism
- [ ] Feels trustworthy

- [ ] High Tech/Expensive
- [ ] Detailed thought has gone into the design
- [ ] Aesthetically pleasing
- [ ] Compliments Glock Pistol
- [ ] Tactical non reflective
- [ ] Good Quality Paint Finish
- [ ] Clear Graphics

- [ ] Easy User Interface
- [ ] Crisp Positive switches
- [ ] Various output options.
- [ ] Bright White Light
- [ ] Bright Strobe

- [ ] Low Weight
- [ ] Easy Interface
- [ ] Ease of use whilst mounted
- [ ] Superior feeling build quality
- [ ] No sharp edges / touch hot spots

- [ ] Battery limitation for the price. Perhaps adaptors for using different cells would be advantageous on high line models ?
- [ ]  Standard Bezel I prefer Crown

Positive experience with the light.
No failures to speak of;
On/Off first time every time
No mistaken switch on or off
No mistaken release clip disengagement.
It did what I needed when I needed it.

I didn’t do any impact or drop tests.

Price seems fair but for the higher money bracket people may go Surefire or Streamlight. That aside, I am highly impressed.

Here are some unboxing pics.

Now for the sexy stuff…….

So, in summary, this is an extremely capable, compact light for the price which should prove to be very robust for the type of roles it will be used for.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again Barry, you’re a star.


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Nice review, thanks!