Test/review of Samsung INR21700-30T 3000mAh (Gray)

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WalkIntoTheLight wrote:
Barkuti wrote:
However, this sort of high discharge cell technology isn’t really needed for a vehicle unless you need a racing car or it’s battery pack is too small.

I was wondering if high-discharge cells perform better in cold conditions, than regular cells. If, for example, a high-discharge cell would suffer from less voltage sag in -20 degree weather, it might be useful in an electric car for winter conditions. Then again, I think they heat the batteries anyway, so maybe it’s not necessary.

Why not use low-temperature batteries like NCR18650F?

shadockan wrote:
There are also batteries with high capacity, and a high C-rating rate.

Samsung 5300mAh 10 – 15A
Samsung 4000mAh 20 ++ A
Sony Vxx 5000 mAh 20 ++ A
Panasonic / Sanyo 21700 xxxxmAh xxA

There is a future of this magnitude.
The technology of these batteries seems to be superior to the 18650 in many areas.

We will see them in the future …..

No, these batteries are not there. Except for one, at this time they are just rumours.
They may hit the market eventually. But the manufacturers are likely to update both 18650 and 21700 when they come up with improvements.
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I believe that the evolution of 18650 will not stop.
That’s what I want to believe at least.

The 21700 batteries mentioned above are based on company announcements and ……. leaks ….
In the future they may decide to change their plans.
They know ……
They do ….
They choose …

Currently, these batteries are not on the market, but in the future we will definitely see them or see something similar.

But the sure thing is that there will be much higher batteries and we will see many changes …

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Enveck wrote:
Where in the world can I order these cells?

Apparently, Vapcell is wrapping the Samsung 30T:


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