Review: ThorFire VG15s Newest Model Turbo/High/Mid/Low/Firefly 1 x 18650

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Review: ThorFire VG15s Newest Model Turbo/High/Mid/Low/Firefly 1 x 18650

List Price $38.99

Current price is $22.99

This ships from Amazon so if you are in the Continental USA, you will get it quick!

From: Thorfire

Battery 1 × 18650
Switch Tailcap Reverse Clicky
Modes Turbo, High, Med, Low, Moonlight with Memory, Double Tap for Strobe
Lens Super Clear Glass
Tailstands Yes

Nice and Bright, Strong Turbo
Great Low, Low Firefly
Small and Lightweight
Nice Tint
Great Clear lens and Light Orange Peel Reflector
Good Build and Nice Anodizing
Lockout with 1/8 turn

Attack style bezel causes artifacts in white wall hunting.
Clip is non reversible
No tint choices

OK folks, Here is the ThorFire VG15S provided to me from Thorfire for review.
This is the Latest Updated Model with a advertised 1070 lumen output on Turbo and a Firefly mode listed at <.5 lumen.

Other members have done excellent reviews of tear downs and graphs , so I will be doing a review on the new updates and showing some Beam Shots.
This is a nice small High Performance 18650 flashlight with very good output, good thermal management and light weight.
Anodizing is superb and it has a nice feel in the hand.

The biggest changes are Bright Turbo, better mode spacing and the Firefly.
It has a very healthy Turbo with 3 minute timer, a Good High, Medium is a nice inside the house setting, also included is a nice .03 amperage true Low, but the real treat here is a very low Moonlight/Firefly.
It a nice soft .00? amp draw low.
That’s right, it measures 0.00 on my meter so it is under the reading capability of this meter.
Turbo was measured at 3.38, on High measured 1.29, Med .29 and Low at .03, all on a Samsung Q30. Firefly did not measure on my meter.

This ThorFire produces a nice even beam due to the perfectly centered LED and great reflector.
Really wish they would offer it with a smooth flush bezel.
Like many other flashlights with crenelations in the bezel it produces artifacts at the floody edges of the beam.
All the manufacturers should consider selling alternate bezels, there is some good money to be had if the owner can customize their light to their own tastes.
And for the sixteenth time, Please offer tint choices. I like the tint offered, but options are always good.

Thanks for the read and thanks to Thorfire for the opportunity to test and review this light.

Best shot I could get of the Firefly mode;

Now some outdoor beam shots.





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Terry White
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 I have the S model... One of the best firefly modes around. Very compact and easy to carry. I would love to see a different bezel... I hope in the future they may offer options for thr bezel..


Terry White


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i know when i first got into visible LED lights? I actually “liked” a few commercial lights… they were all “3xAAA”, all fairly thick and sturdy, all had a decent beam halfway between flood and throw. good, solid, all around lights, small enough to toss in your pocket, not so small they were chintzy.

about the only thing I DIDNT like about all of them? for one reason or another, none of them would “mod” easily, or let me get a 18650 into them, and all didnt have a decent clip either.

this looks, more or less? like a solution to “all the above issues”.

i LIKE it more, at the 23 dollar price tag… i dont think i like it 40 dollars worth…

and a 3.4 amp turbo? unless you want it to eat an apple and sh!t a fruit salad? thats pretty reasonable to keep it from “needing” modded real quick…

maybe i could see me chuckling it up in the lathe, and getting the clip to “be reversible” and maybe getting the attack bezel down to “no or only slight” issues for white wall hunting too… in fact, i like this light a decent bit, everytime i see it reviewed. getting hard to find a reason not to buy 2 of them, so i can play on te lathe with the “backup lite” in case i brick it, lol….

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Terry White
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I was not sure if I did like it. Now I carry it constantly... it grows on you. 


Still want the lugs off the bezel. 

Terry White


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I have the 15S model too. I love it’s firefly mode. I carry it in my bag with my H03 every single day.

Low mode and long runtime lover…