Zanflare F1 review

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Zanflare F1 review

Few review is about this type, is quite good flashlight.
My flashlight blog is my full review here only extract images. The site has google translator Thumbs Up

The complete package includes everything you needed.

The well-sealed charger works perfectly. Not charging the battery too. I’ve spent the 4,14V battery in it.

Warming will not be a problem. The Flare mode fade back in high mode after 30 second.

XP-L LED is perfectly centered. Projection image is fine.

Compared to other models, these pictures were taken:
(All Convoy models are equipped 8×7135 driver and high mode)

I think it is a very good light produced in the gearbest.

My follow links to products:
Zanflare F1 5000K
Zanflare F1 6500K

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