New to Manafont: Sunwayman T40CS

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New to Manafont: Sunwayman T40CS

Apart from the hardly budget price tag ($118 USD) this does look like a very nice  2x18650 light.

A ~58mm reflector with an XML-T6 (only a guess as the head is ~63.5mm) means it should throw up there with the Sky Ray STL-V2

Hi-Med-Low with hidden Strobe and SOS

Side switch and tail clicky. (end is on/off and side is mode change)

Voltage input is 7.4-14.8V (2x18650 or 4xCR123A).


If it was $60-70 I might be tempted to buy it... but at $118 for a XML light I think it is a bit too far out of my price range.