Two new cool lights from Shenzen

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Two new cool lights from Shenzen

I just saw these today.  Not sure which one I want... maybe both LoL!  Only problem is, I just got the 3XM-L from Manafont (TrustFire TR-3T6) and this Shenzen site is REALLY EXPENSIVE on shipping.  The last light I ordered from them was $8 shipping.

UniqueFire 5 x CREE Q3 LED 5-Modes Flashlight(3900)

  • SKU#: 5454
  • Retail price: US$46.80
  • Wholesale Price:



UniqueFire 3900 3 x CREE XM-L T6 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight

  • SKU#: 5455
  • Retail price: US$61.30
  • Wholesale Price:US$41.50

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